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Prevent WannaCry Ransomware in 30 seconds: Block WannaCry Virus / Hack

If you run Windows, your PC is at risk in getting infected with WannaCry ransomware but there is an easy way of preventing your computer from getting infected. All you have to do is disable SMB to prevent against WannaCry attacks. SMB comes enabled by default on Windows which should be disabled if you want to prevent your PC from getting this nasty ransomware.

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Microtech e-Pro Tab Specs: Microtech e-Pro Tab is dual booting windows 10, Remix OS convertible laptop

Microtech e-Pro Tab review (2)

Microtech e-Pro Tab is a 2 in 1 convertible laptop that runs both remix and windows 10 operating system. It will go toe to toe with Chuwi Vi10 Plus and Vi10 Pro, Chuwi HI10, MeeGoPad A02, Cube i7, Uniga S905 and S905 + and a few others convertible laptops, chiefly from Chinese brands. Microtech is an Italian brand though and its prices start at 299 euro for the starting model. Read full Microtech e-Pro Tab review here.

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Samsung Galaxy note 7 unboxing (black onyx)

Samsung Galaxy note 7 unboxing

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is there in our office and here is an unboxing of the flagship android phone. This phone packs some really amazing specifications and the day is not far when android phones will pack more power than our laptops and may be even desktops.

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