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Supported Nvidia Whisper Mode Graphic cards: Activate Nvidia Whisper Mode on Laptop by downloading GeForce experience

Supported Nvidia Whisper Mode Graphic cards

Which graphic cards are supported by Nvidia Whisper mode? Not all graphics cards by Nvidia are supported. Basically, those graphics cards that make are based on Nvidia Pascal architecture. So this includes Geforce GTX 1080, 1070, 1060, 1050Ti and 1050. Nvidia Whisper Mode is an ultra efficient mode that makes your laptop run quieter while gaming. This works by intelligently pacing the game’s frame rate while simultaneously configuring the graphics settings for optimal power-efficiency.

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RAM Overclocking in Laptop: How to overclock memory in laptops?

RAM Overclocking in Laptop

In this guide, we will show you how to do RAM overclocking in laptop. The instructions given below work with most laptops but if you have a 4th generation Intel laptop, this overclocking guide may not work. We will be hacking the first 128 bytes of data that is used to store the RAM settings including their clock speed. If one is able to unlock this portion, you can hack it to run at higher JEDEC speed. Modifying this portion is risky and you may experience write problems so do not yell at us if something goes wrong. We will be making use of XMP profiles to overclock RAM in laptop.

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Purism Librem 13 15 Linux Laptops now easier to buy

Purism laptops were launched back in 2015 as a crowd funding campaign. The company sells free and open source laptops that come in 13 inch and 15 inch flavors. The demand for its laptops has grown multifold over the past few years for its Librem 13 and Librem 15 laptops. Purism says that the company is manufacturing enough laptops that its users would not have to wait for their favorite laptop model for months since they are available without few weeks after purchase date.

Purism Librem 13 15

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Huawei Matebook D review, photos and YouTube video

Huawei Matebook D was unveiled at an event in Berlin. While it is yet to be launched in Italy, you will be able to find it in other European markets for 799 euro. Our friends at notebookitalia have done a review of Huawei Matebook D. The frame of the Huawei Matebook D is made of monobloc aluminum alloy with CNC cutting. It has thickness of mere 16.9mm and weight of 1.9kg. While it is not as pretty as Huawei Matebook X, it has all the technical features you will ever need.

huawei matebook d review (2)

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