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Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review: Is it any good?

This is the review of Magix Vegas Movie Studio, an is an excellent video editing app that is great for both amateur and professionals. Installation was simple and straightforward. Just make sure you have a gig of space free on your computer. While I have some video editing experience, I never had used a professional video editing app like Vegas Movie studio, Adobe Premier Pro etc. But the app has pretty amazing built in tutorial which guides you like a little kid.

Magix Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review

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Lexar 800X benchmark: Lexar 800X review – Lexar 800X specifications

Lexar 800X benchmark

In our Lexar 800X review, you will get to know its detailed benchmark that will give you an idea of how fast it is. But first, let us see Lexar 800X specifications. It costs a lot for a memory card but keep in mind that this has been made for video professional and expert photographers in mind who are looking for a card with lots of storage and something that can store a lot of photos without making you wait.

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Amosta EZEE PC is a cross between Asus EEE Keyboard and Apple Wireless Keyboard

Amosta is an Indian startup that claims its new EZEE PC is a breakthrough in field of mobile computing but we feel it is more like a blatant copy of Asus Eee keyboard that was released back in March 2009. To be honest, this is not the first time we have seen a company ripping off a design or concept. Last year, Pipo came out with K1 where it integrated chiclet keyboard, touchpad and entire computer inside the keyboard chassis but at least Pipo did not call its device a breakthrough.

Amosta EZEE PC

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Synology DS916+ specs: scalable 4 bay NAS storage

Synology DS916+ is a scalable 4-bay NAS designed for professionals and growing companies. Powered by a quad-core CPU, Synology DS916+ performs calculations at high speed and data encryption. With a flexible scalability up to 9 units, DS916+ is able to handle rapidly increasing demands of storage capacity. With Disk Station Manager (DSM) 6.0 and versatile add-on packages, users are able to run DS916+  seamless, synchronization and file sharing, collaboration and recovery.

synology DS916  review

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