Miscellaneous News and Updates

AMD Athlon 3000G overclocked to 5GHz

AMD Athlon 3000G overclock

An overclocker has managed to beat the world frequency record for the AMD Athlon 3000G processor. This person has managed to raise the frequency of the processor to more than impressive 5 GHz. Thanks to the processor has multipliers unlocked. This new record exceeds the previous existing record by more than 200 MHz. And it confirms what AMD has always commented on the simplicity to overclock the Athlon 3000 series processors.

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Should I Buy Ethereum?


Since it’s inception in 2011, Ethereum has taken the world by storm, becoming the second most traded cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. When prices hit an all time high of $1200 in January 2018, people began to take notice, and wonder if they too should buy Ethereum.

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DesignEvo Review 2019 (updated) –Create professional logos with ease

The design of logo plays an integral part in branding. DesignEvo is a website that lets you create professional logos without having any experience in graphics designing. The user interface is simple and easy to use and you will be able to create a professional looking logo within 5 minutes. The logo of this website was designed in DesignEvo and I’m not even a graphics designer.

DesignEvo Review 2019

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ASUS MX27UCS: new 10-bit 4K monitor with Bang & Olufsen speakers

ASUS MX27UCS review

This year is one of the best in the gaming section, not only in the computer as such, but everyone around him. For this reason the brands have presented numerous gaming monitors, but on the other hand few monitors focused on other areas. ASUS has thought about the rest of users and has launched its MX27UCS, a monitor with 4K resolution and 10-bit IPS panel.

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Choose good VPN if you are worried about your privacy

Every time there are more Internet companies that are dedicated to follow us in the network to be able to know as much information as possible about our tastes, interests and hobbies. In addition, it is also common to find platforms that block or forward traffic depending on their country of origin. Therefore, both if we want to improve our security and privacy and to access some type of blocked content for certain countries it is necessary to choose a good VPN.


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Synopsys USB 3.2 with 20 GBit / s showcased

Synopsys USB 3.2

The specifications of USB 3.2 have been fixed since September 2017. As a result, manufacturers were able to start development and finalize both drivers and controllers with the new transmission standard. The manufacturer Synopsys has demonstrated what it claims to be the world’s first demonstration of USB 3.2. The computer used was a normal PC with Windows 10. By bundling the data lines theoretically up to 20 GBit / s are possible.

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