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Bitcoin crashed May 2017, here is why

Early risers on May 25, 2017 were shocked to see bitcoin price going down right spiral. As many experts predicted, the bitcoin bubble had bursted and the entire crypto currency market was shaking as if a huge earthquake had struck their place. So why did bitcoin crash?

bitcoin crash

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Prevent WannaCry Ransomware in 30 seconds: Block WannaCry Virus / Hack

If you run Windows, your PC is at risk in getting infected with WannaCry ransomware but there is an easy way of preventing your computer from getting infected. All you have to do is disable SMB to prevent against WannaCry attacks. SMB comes enabled by default on Windows which should be disabled if you want to prevent your PC from getting this nasty ransomware.

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What is Bitcontent? Kim Dotcom new Bitcoin Venture

What is Bitcontent

Bitcoin is again in the news, thanks to billionaire Kim Dotcom who is currently living in New Zealand. He is all set to launch his next venture called Bitcontent which will allow the content creators to get paid for any content. He said that one can share content with customers and with interest community and get money for that content.

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Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review: Is it any good?

This is the review of Magix Vegas Movie Studio, an is an excellent video editing app that is great for both amateur and professionals. Installation was simple and straightforward. Just make sure you have a gig of space free on your computer. While I have some video editing experience, I never had used a professional video editing app like Vegas Movie studio, Adobe Premier Pro etc. But the app has pretty amazing built in tutorial which guides you like a little kid.

Magix Vegas Movie Studio 14 Review

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Lexar 800X benchmark: Lexar 800X review – Lexar 800X specifications

Lexar 800X benchmark

In our Lexar 800X review, you will get to know its detailed benchmark that will give you an idea of how fast it is. But first, let us see Lexar 800X specifications. It costs a lot for a memory card but keep in mind that this has been made for video professional and expert photographers in mind who are looking for a card with lots of storage and something that can store a lot of photos without making you wait.

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