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Logitech C922 Pro Stream Windows Drivers, Software: Logitech C922 Pro Stream Mac software – Logitech C922 Pro Stream specifications

Download Logitech C922 Pro Stream Windows Drivers, Software

Cheap webcam with 720p 60FPS capability launched. Logitech C922 Pro Stream is a must have accessory for all PC and laptop users that want to record or stream higher quality video. This logitech webcam allows you to transmit and record movies in high resolution at 30 FPS or 720p at 60 FPS. Priced at just 103 dollars / euros, the Logitech C922 Pro Stream package includes XSplit software for dynamically changing the background where you filming. We have also got hold of Logitech C922 Pro Stream Mac software. You can download them from here.

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OnePC Pocket EVO shows the evolution of personal computer

OnePC Pocket EVO is a mini PC that quite ultra portable and occupies very little space on your desk. What makes OnePC Pocket EVO different from other mini PC is the fact that it runs windows 10 operating system and packs powerful Atom X5 Z8300 processor that handle the newer version of windows like a champ.

OnePC Pocket EVO reviews

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MSI H170I AC PRO, a Mini-ITX motherboard for Skylake

MSI H170I AC PRO is a mini ITX motherboard and comes with support for sixth-generation Intel processors including Celeron, Pentium and Core i-series. MSI H170I AC PRO offers comprehensive options in something that measures 17 cm sq.

MSI H170I AC PRO specs include Soket LGA 1151 Intel H170, two memory slots DDR4 providing support up to 32 GB, 6 Gbps SATA as standard, Turbo M.2 slot, PCI-E x16 3.0 port, WiFi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and USB 3.1. MSI AC H170I PRO will allow users to build high-end solutions in a standard Mini-ITX space.
MSI H170I AC PRO review

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The new tech of video gaming in 2016: comparison between PC VS Xbox Vs Online

Not a day is passed when one does not come across a PC vs Xbox console debate. In 2016, PC gaming is going get even better thanks to the introduction of pre-built gaming PCs from companies like Valve Corporation which recently churned out Steam Machines. Let us not forget the third player that is giving both of these a tough competition – online gaming. This new type of gaming does not require you to have the latest gaming console or high end PC as almost all game processing is done in the cloud – on some very powerful computer on the server end.


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