2009 News and Updates

Gigabyte finally releases M1022, S1024 and T1028 netbooks

Gigabyte finally releases M1022, S1024 and T1028 netbooks

At CeBIT, Gigabyte unveiled three Gigabyte netbooks: M1022, S1024, T1028. M1022 and S1024 use the old Atom N270 whereas the T1028 uses the new Atom N280. All of them have almost the same features like the 10.1-inch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 1 GB of RAM. Shipment of these new netbooks will start around 30th April.


  • M1022 Netbook       –   $597
  • TouchNote T1028    –   $644
  • ThinNote S1024       –   $594

T-Mobile Shadow II is now T-Mobile Shadow 2009

T-Mobile and HTC are ready to launch the successor of the original T-Mobile Shadow, Shadow 2009. It will come in two types of colors:  red and white, which can be seen in the above picture. Hostspot@Home service is also confirmed. The T-Mobile Shadow II is all set to drop on 28 January.

Specification of T-Mobile Shadow 2009:

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Resco releases Explorer 2009 for Palm OS

Who says no body cares about Palm OS? Folks at Resco have released updated version of Resco Explorer 2009, which comes with myriad of enhancements:

  • ‘Folder Sync’ — a technology allowing you to keep files synchronized between two folders. The synchronization works on any mounted drive, being it a card or a network drive. Explorer can use a number of technologies to ‘mount’ new drives — LAN (SMB shares), Bluetooth or FTP.
  • Improved network support. The changes concern SLL and preservation of the file attributes, for example.
  • Card check — Resco Explorer contains a card scanner, allowing you to detect damaged file systems on the go.
  • Tar/bzip2 support and zip integrity checks.
  • All those who need to work with txt files will welcome the support of large files crossing traditional Palm barrier 64K and other text editor improvements.

Tar/bzip2 support? This feature is not there even in the Windows Mobile version. The windows mobile version supports rar and zip compression formats. I hope to see the tar and bzip2 support for the Windows Mobile verison too.

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More information about MSI Wind U110, U115 and Touch-enabled Wind

MSI Wind has a lot of plans for 2009. They are planing to launch U120 in January 2009 with a new design and WiMAX/3G option for U.S. And they will also release two versions of MSI Wind,  U110 and U115 at the end of January along with touch-enabled MSI Wind, which is expected to land during the CES 2009.

Here are the some specifications of Wind U110 and Wind U115:

Wind U110:

  • Z530 Atom Processor
  • 1GB (expandable to 2GB)
  • 10-inch LED backlight
  • 160GB or 250 GB hard drive
  • 6-cell battery
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • 1.3 MP or 2MP webcam

Wind U115:

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