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AMD Bristol Ridge Basilisk Styx coming in 2016, specifications inside

According to a leaked roadmap, AMD will be launching three new CPU series in 2016. These processors, Bristol Ridge, Basilisk and Styx are designed for servers and not for consumer devices such as tablets and laptops. However this is an exciting piece of news as it will be the first ARM based APU from Sunnyvale CPU manufacture. 

AMD Bristol Ridge Basilisk Styx

Bristol Ridge CPU: 15-35W, with (up to) four "Zen" cores;
Basilisk CPU: 5-15W, with a maximum of two "Zen" cores;
Styx CPU: 2W, with a maximum of two custom ARM-based "K12" core.

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Asus MG279Q is a monitor with FreeSync support

Earlier it was not know if the Asus MG279Q supports AMD FreeSync or not but today it was confirmed by an AMD representative that the Asus MG279Q will indeed support FreeSync technology. However it will be limited to a minimum of 40 Hz and a maximum of 120 Hz.

Asus MG279Q review

Here are the exact words of AMD,

AMD does not have a black or white list for FreeSync monitors, and while the monitor supports the standard DisplayPort 1.2a, it can operate at variable refresh rate (VRR) provided by the manufacturer.

An Asus representative confirmed that the new Asus MG279Q features variable refresh rates between 40 and 120 H which means it will be compatible with AMD FreeSync. Asus MG279Q specifications include a 27 inch screen with IPS type panel. It has resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and has refresh rates of 120 Hz. Asus MG279Q has a contrast ratio of 1000: 1, 350 cd / m2 brightness and viewing angles of 178 degrees.

Port selection includes DisplayPort 1.2a +, a mini Display Port, two HDMi and MHL port with two USB 3.0 ports. The monitor will hit the market shelves by the end of March at a suggested price of $ 699.

AMD A8-6410 and A6-6310 Beema CPUs Specifications, already being shipped in HP Laptops

AMD A8-6410 A6-6310

Until now the HP was offering the AMD A6-6310 Beema APU in the Pavilion 14z Touch, Pavilion 15z, 17z and 17z Touch laptops. But now the same range of laptops are being offered with AMD A8-6410 which has higher base clock frequency and better GPU than the A6-6310.

The new A8 APU is also being offered in HP 245 G3 and 255 G3 as well. We found it in the quick sheet present on HP’s website.

Here are their specs:

AMD A6-6310    4 cores    1.8 / 2.4 GHz clock speed   2 MB L2 cache    Radeon R4 series graphics    15 Watt TDP

AMD A8-6410    4 cores      2 / 2.4 GHz clock speed    2 MB L2 cache    Radeon R5 series GPU    15 Watt TDP

AMD A10 Micro-6700T A4 Micro-6400T Specifications, 20 percent efficient

AMD has finally become serious about the tablet PC market. It is not the first time it has released a processor that is power frugal, but it is surely the first time the company has produced efficient CPUs offering great battery life. Meet the new AMD A10 Micro-6700T and A4 Micro-6400T.

AMD A4 Micro-6400T Specifications

4 Cores
1 GHz clock speed under normal conditions
Maximum clock rate of 2.2 GHz
3.95 – 4.5 watts TDP
28nm manufacturing process

AMD A10 Micro-6700T Specifications

Four cores
1.6 GHz maximum clock speed
4.5 W TDP
28nm manufacturing process

AMD has also released E1 Micro-6200T which has single core, 1.4 GHz maximum clock and 3.95 Watt TDP. Like rest it is also being made using 28 nano meter manufacturing technology.

AMD A10 Micro-6700T A4 Micro-6400T

The company is promising up to 20 percent improvement in battery life and 2x enhancement in GPU performance.

Lenovo Flex 2 14 15 Specifications Price

Lenovo has introduced Flex 2 14-inch and 15 inch laptops that bring several new enhancements hardware and design wise. The new shell looks similar to the first generation model but is a bit thinner and lighter. It has a cover now that comes in five colors  white, black, yellow, red and silver.

lenovo flex 2 14 15

You will still find the excellent AccuType keyboard and display that can be tilted by 300 degrees. We have been told that it is now much better to use when in stand mode. The 14 and 15.6 inch screens now have full HD resolution, multi touch panel and support for up to 10 contact points.

Lenovo Flex 2 14 and 15 inch specifications

Regarding the specs, you get either Core i7 or i5 CPU, up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and 1 tera byte of hard disk drive.

You can also go with the 256GB SSD drive or hybrid storage. With the Intel CPUs you get Nvidia GeForce GT 840M GPU. If you go for the AMD A8 APU model, you get the Radeon R5 M230 GPU. Battery life for both types is around 6 hours.

lenovo flex 2 specifications

Release date is said to be sometime in month of June with base price of $429.

Lenovo B50 G50 Z50 Specifications Price

Lenovo has launched a trio of laptops under its Essential category. These three laptops include B50, G50 and Z50. The new Lenovo B50 is an office notebook for beginners. It offers a choice of a 15.6-inch matte touch display with a resolution of 1,366 x 768 pixels or with a full HD display with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. All new models under B50 series come with Windows 7 operating system on board.

Lenovo B50 specifications

The options are wide: Up to Intel Core I7 fourth generation Haswell processor or an AMD A8 series APU, an optional graphics card called the NVIDIA GeForce 820M or AMD Radeon R5 M230, up to 1 TB HDD or a hybrid SSD, fingerprint reader and audio system by Dolby Advanced Audio v2.

Lenovo G50 Specifications

The new G50 is again an affordable and entry-level notebook with a 15.6 inch large HD screen with a resolution of 1,366 x 768. A DVD burner and a HD webcam comes installed too since it is an "essential" laptop. Dolby Advanced Audio v2 hardware is also there again. The G50 runs Windows 8.1

Lenovo Z50 Specifications

On the other hand, Z40 and Z50 notebooks are multimedia designed. Both come with an optional Full HD display and an option to choose between AMD processors. Other specs include an AMD-R7-series dedicated graphics card, a DVD writer, Dolby Home Theatre, a hard drive and a 720p webcam.

Lenovo B50 G50 Z50 Specifications Price

The B-and G-series notebooks will go on sale in U.S. for about USD 400 in July. The Z40 with 14-inch display will hit the shelves in May and the Z50 with 15.6-inch screen will become available in August. The Z notebook is already available from 580 U.S. Dollars.

Toshiba L50 L70 L50t L50D L70D L70t Specs Price

Toshiba has released a slew of multimedia laptops in the market that includes Toshiba Satellite L50, L50t, L50D, L70, L70D and L70t.

Satellite L50 has a thickness of 23.5 mm and weight of 2.2 pounds. Specifications include 15.6 inch HD or full HD touchscreen with optional Intel Core i7 fourth generation GPU, up to 16 GB RAM and 1TB HDD.

L50D instead comes with latest AMD APU and integrated Radeon HD GPU. Rest of its specs are same as L50.

Satellite L70 as its name suggests is biggest of all packing 17.3 inch HD+ or full HD panels with optional touchsceen. L70 comes with quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and integrated GPU while the Satellite L70D features AMD L70t APU that makes use of dedicated AMD Radeon R9 M265X video card with 2 GB of onboard GDDR5 memory. It has 33.7 mm and 2.7 kilograms thickness and weight respectively.

Toshiba L50 L70 L50t L50D L70D L70t Specs Price

Ports selection of L50 includes 2 USB 2.0 ports and 1 USB 3.0 with Sleep and Charge capabilities, SD card reader, HDMI digital video output, Kensington security slot and optional DVD Super multi drive. You also get Gigabit LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11ac technology with support for Intel’s WiDi wireless video streaming and Miracast. Battery life is said to be around 6 hours.

The L70 comes with additional USB 2.0 ports and optional blu-ray drive. Rest of its ports selection is same as L50. Both of these laptops will be released in second half of 2014. Prices have not been revealed yet but we will let you know once we come to know about them.

Mouse Computer Lm-AR310E, ARS210E with AMD A4 4020; Specs Price

Mouse Computer Japan has launched Lm-AR310E, ARS210E with AMD A4 4020 APU (accelerated processing unit). Lm-AR310E will cost 39,900 yen while the ARS210E retails for 42,840 yen.

mouse computer Lm-ARS210E specs

Specification for both are same. You get AMD A4 4020 APU 3.2 GHz 64 bit CPU, Radeon HD 7480D GPU, 4 gigabytes of RAM, 500 gigabytes of hard disk drive, DVD super multi drive and Windows 8.1 64 bit operating system.

mouse computer Lm-AR310E specs

Port selection include Gigabit Ethernet, PS / 2 × 2, USB 3.0 × 4, USB 2.0 × 2, DVI, mini D-Sub15 pin, voice input / output interface. Empty slots PCI Express x16 × 1, the x4 × 1, the x1 × 1, PCI × 1. Lm-ARS210E of Slim type only also includes SD card / Memory Stick slot.

Lm-AR310E measures 180 × 382 × 373mm (height x width × depth), while the Lm-ARS210E measures 100 × 393 × 364mm.

TSUKUMO Aero Stream RM5A-B61 / E with AMD A10-7850K

Following the suite of Mouse Computer, TSUKUMO Japan has also churned out a desktop PC featuring the new AMD A10-7850K APU. Called the Aero Stream RM5A-B61 / E, it features the aforementioned quad core 3.7 GHz processor, R7 series Radeon 8-core GPU operating at 720 MHz, 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB of hard disk, DVD super multi drive, 450 W power supply and Windows 7 home premium 64 bit OS.

TSUKUMO Aero Stream RM5A-B61 E with AMD A10-7850K

Ports selection include HDMI output / 2 × Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 × 2, USB 2.0 × 6, PS, DVI-D, mini D-Sub15 pin, voice input / output interface. Empty slots PCI Express x16 × 1, and PCI × 1.

Body size is about 190 × 400 × 370mm and the TSUKUMO Aero Stream RM5A-B61 / E weighs 10 kilograms. Price of standard configuration is 69,980 yen (USD 680), which makes it about 10,000 Yen more expensive than the Mouse Computer’s offerings.

Mouse Computer Launches A10-7850K Powered Desktops

Mouse Computer, Japan has released two desktop PC models, Lm-AR310S and Lm-ARS210S, both of which are powered by the new AMD A10-7850K APU. Both PCs are launched under G-Tune, a gaming brand of the Japanese manufacture.

mouse computer Lm-AR310S A10-7850K Powered Desktops

Both models feature similar specs, and but the Lm-ARS210S (100 × 393 × 364mm) is slimmer than Lm-AR310S (180 × 382 × 373mm).

Prices start at 59,850 yen (USD 580), and the starting model of Lm-AR310S gives you AMD A78 chipset, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, DVD super multi drive, 350W power supply (80PLUS BRONZE compliant) and Windows 8.1 64 bit Operating System.

mouse computer Lm-ARS210S

Ports selection includes Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 × 4, USB 2.0 × 2, PS / 2 × 2, DVI, mini D-Sub15 pin, interface and audio input and output.

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