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HTC TOUCH DIAMOND and HTC TOUCH DIAMOND 2 comparison photos [Windows Mobile]

CNet has posted several comparison photos of the HTC TOUCH DIAMOND and the upcoming TOUCH DIAMOND 2.  Let’s take a look at some of the photos:

First is the obvious increase in overall size of the device. The Diamond 2 has a bigger display (3.2-inch) as compared to Diamond-1 (2.8-inch). With the bigger display, the Diamond 2 also brings WVGA resolution compared to the VGA resolution found in Diamond-1.

The Diamond-2 looses the Diamond back.

The Diamond-2 is bit thicker than the Diamond-1. But, not terribly thick. It is still going to be one of the most slick looking devices around. Although, it is quite sad to see that there is sill NO dedicated 3.5mm jack for headphones.

Go to cnet.com to see more pics

HTC releases HTC DIAMOND 2 – potential MID? [Windows Mobile]

No rumors, no leaked images, but we knew something would be unleashed at Mobile World Congress by HTC. HTC has released successors to the HTC DIAMOND and HTC TOUCH PRO: DIAMOND 2 and TOUCH PRO 2 respectively.

Let’s see what changes have been done when compared to the original Diamond:

  • Increased RAM: From 192MB to 288MB. This should give you a free memory bump from 55MB to 110MB+. This will make the web experience even better as one would be able to browse heavy sites with Opera Mobile.
  • Better Battery: The battery has increased to 1100mAh. This is nice news as the 900mAh battery of the original Diamond was just not enough. Although, it is hard to make out, how much the battery life will increase since the number of pixels have also increased (see next point)
  • WVGA resolution: Is not this the resolution the enter level netbooks used to have? It is actually becoming standard in the Windows Mobile devices, which let them provide the user better web-experience. The original Diamond had a nice 2.8-inch VGA display. The Diamond 2 has even better 3.2-inch WVGA display
  • micro-SD slot: The Diamond 2 looses the 4GB internal storage that was there in the original HTC DIAMOND, but it adds micro-SD slot, which can give you upto 32GB storage.

The new Diamond 2 weighs at mere 117gm, which is just 7gm heavier than the original Diamond.

What is still missing?

  • 3.5mm earphone jack
  • IE mobile 6
  • Camera flash

[HTC Diamond 2 official webpage]

TWO Videos after the bump:

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Comparison pictures of 900mAh and 1340mAh batteries [HTC DIAMOND] [Windows Mobile]

The HTC DIAMOND does not win any awards for its battery life. Let’s face it, even with average use, you won’t be able to last a full day with the stock battery, which has just 900mAh juice. HTC chose style over function on this device and I support their decision. Here is a picture of the extended battery sitting side-by-side with the stock battery.

Here is another one:

[xda-devs post] [pocketpc.ch blog]

ASUS P565 benchmarked – It truly seems to be the Fastest Windows Mobile for sure!

Here comes the highly awaited phone from ASUS, which claims to be world’s fastest PDA-Phone. It arrived yesterday and after posting unboxing pictures, I went straight to do some benchmarking. Without wasting more time, let us take a look at the benchmarks.

For the benchmarking test, we used 3 devices: ASUS P565, ASUS P552W and HTC DIAMOND. The ASUS P565 is the first windows mobile device powered by Intel Marvell Tavor 800MHz processor. Infact, it is the first mobile device to be powered by such a powerful processor. ASUS P552W is also an extremely fast device powered by Intel Marvell Tavor 624MHz processor. The HTC DIAMOND is powered by Qualcomm 528MHz processor.

Let the game begin!

As one can observe, the ASUS P565 scored the best in almost everything. Note that since ASUS P552W is a QVGA device, it’s processor has to do comparatively less work when it comes to graphic processing. Since, the users would be having their eyes on the VGA devices, which in this scene are ASUS P565 and HTC DIAMOND, it would be more appropriate to pay more attention to their performance.

Now, let us take the ASUS P552W out of the scene to make the comparison more fairer.

Leave the benchmarks aside, does it really feel snappy?

Yes, it does. It is definitely lot snappier than the HTC DIAMOND, whose processor is shared by the likes of HTC TOUCH PRO and HTC TOUCH HD too. Overall, a very nicely made device and we are indeed very impressed with the ASUS P565.

On a side note, the touch screen is very very sensitive. Stay tuned for the full review, which will be published in few days!

update: see unboxing pictures here.

HTC Diamond offers true USB 2.0 speeds

I am well aware of the fact the Nokias and Sony ericssons have having the USB 2.0 speeds from quite some time but this news is not so old for the Windows Mobile devices. The maximum speed the windows mobile devices could achive was just USB 1.1.

click on the image to see the bigger version

The HTC Diamond offers true USB 2.0 . I was able to transfer a 700MB movie, “Never Back Down” to my Diamond in less than 4mins!

ICE+ Diamond USB drive?

Well, it may be just a 8GB Sandisk flash drive with 462(!) white diamonds embedded on it with it’s chain and case made from Platinum. But, there are a lot of people who like to show their bling on every possible occasion. Take a close look at the ICE+ USB drive

Anyway, Geek girls now have another umber cool accessory to flaunt. Oh, I forgot to mention the price. Just £15,500 ;)


Resco releases Resco Bubbles for HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Diamond Pro

Resco Bubbles is an action puzzle game where the idea is to clear the grid of bubbles in order to advance to the next level. You are given a sequence of bubbles, which should be quickly and efficiently popped. Numerous explosive, speed-up, slow-down and damage bubbles keep the game play exciting and challenging.


  • G-sensor support
  • 30 challenging levels
  • various surfaces
  • calibration
  • best score
  • realistic ball-bounce feeling