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Latest HTC One A9 OTA download links for v 1.57.617.41

This OTA for HTC One A9 was pushed for the unlocked edition and version of this OTA is 1.57.617.41. This is for the US unlocked edition and if you wish to install this update on your HTC android phone, you will have to S-OFF your device, change CID and MID using fastboot command from download mode. Here are the commands:

Latest HTC One A9 OTA

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Download Windows 10 Mobile Emulator (Build 10563 )

Windows 10 Mobile Emulator with build 10563 is now available for download. This is a part of new SDK Preview that contains myriad bug fixes and under development changes to the API surface area. However, Microsoft clearly states that if you are working on a new app, you should not install it.

Download Windows 10 Mobile Build 10563 Emulator

Microsoft also says that it is recommended to uninstall previous versions of SDKs and emulators as they might conflict with the newer version. This will also prevent user interface clutter in Visual Studio when targeting a particular emulator.

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Download Windows 10 Updater, direct links inside

You are on Windows 8 or 7 and wondering if there was a direct method of force installing windows 10 without installing loads of updates? Well the answer is yes and it would not break anything on your computer. Direct download links are given at the end of this article.

Download Windows 10 Updater

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Download Opera Mini Browser for Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch

The Samsung Galaxy Gear S smartwatch is the first watch to get a web browser as today Opera software has announced the release of its new Opera mini web browser for the Tizen based smartwatch.

You can download the Opera Mini v7.5 web browser  from Samsung Gear apps for free. Like any other Opera Mini browser it comes with smart page feature that shows links based on the websites that you visit frequently.

Download Opera Mini Browser for Galaxy Gear S Smartwatch

It also allows you to save web pages for offline reading. In fact, Opera has optimized it for saving data and reading pages off line.

Opera said in a blog post,

The Internet is something we are used to accessing wherever we are and on practically every device we use. But, for some reason, the smartwatch has been stripped of an Internet browser – until today. We’re happy to announce that Opera Mini has become the first web browser on a Tizen-based smartwatch, the new Samsung Gear S.

Download Motorola Boot Logo Maker for Moto X G 2014

The developer behind the Motorola boot logo maker has released an updated version for the Moto X and G 2014 2nd generation models. Here are its features.

* Open Existing Logo.bin files
* Open Existing Flashable zip files
* Create logo.bin files
* Create Flashable zip files
* Export images from Logo.bin / Flash able zips.

Flashing process for Motorola Boot Logo Maker

The application has user friendly user interface and one can easily create boot logos for it. To use it just double click on the tree view entries. Then select the picture and repeat that process for all of the files that would be in logo.bin

You then go to File / Save, and then save either as a .bin file, for flashing using fastboot, or as a Flashable zip file, for flashing using TWRP or CWM. In general, boot_logo is used on a factory locked device, and as a result, you probably should clear that one, as you would be wasting your space.

The logo_battery is your 0-3% indicator when the battery is run dry, and you plug it in to charge. logo_unlock is the actual boot screen logo you see on unlocked devices.

Download Motorola Boot Logo Maker for Moto X G 2014

It shall be known that any file more than 4MB logo.bin files will not be created. This is due to device limitation.

Download and Flash Nokia XL X Stock ROM from Nokia Care Suite

This is a tutorial for those who want to bring back their Nokia XL and X to stock firmware.

File needs to be unpacked with 7zip to C:\ProgramData\Nokia\Packages\Products\RM-*your product* (either RM1030 or RM980). Then flashed via Nokia Care Suite.

Nokia XL
Product Code: 059V6S3
Variant: RM1030
Download from Google Drive 454MB

Download and Flash Nokia XL X Stock ROM from Nokia Care Suite

Nokia X
Product Code : 059T984 (NDT EURO RU )
Variant : RM980
Download from Google Drive 400MB

Keep in mind that it will erase everything stored on your device. However this is great for those who have installed and flashed different firmwares on their device but now want to go back to stock.

Download Candy Crush For Windows Phone

Candy Crush is available for Android and iOS devices but it is also available for windows phone platform. Not officially though as the company decided to not to release an official WP app. This opened doors for other developers to create one for the Microsoft platform and there does exists one on the store.

candy crush windows phone

Candy Village is Windows Phone clone of Candy Crush and is free to download

It goes by the name of Candy Village and it is an exact clone of original game. The gameplay is same as its Android and iOS counter parts.

The best part is that it is free to download and reviews are great. The game is super addicting once you get the hang of it. The game is navigable without spending cash and it is great fun. Later stages are somewhat difficult and require a bit of strategy to clear.