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EEE PC T91 for just $549! – ASUS to redefine the price range of Tablets?

Looks like ASUS is really going to make the tablets finally popular among the consumers. Let’s face it, tablets have always been confined to the executives and businessmen. The main reason that the tablets were not received nicely in the consumer market was due to high ‘price’. But, with the $549 price tag, ASUS has hit the sweet spot between functionality and price.

Also, we have heard that ASUS has added few really exciting utilities that are very finger friendly. This is already looking like a winner to me.

Here are full specifications:

Screen: 8.9″ LED Backlight / Resistive Touch Panel
Resolution: 1024 x 600 (WSVGA)
Weight: Under 2 lbs.
Battery: Li-polymer, 5 hours runtime
Processor: Intel Atom Z520 – 1.33GHz
OS: Windows XP Home
Memory: 1Gb (DDR2); 2Gb Maximum
SSD: 16Gb-32GB (TBD)
SD Card: 16Gb Maximum (not included)
Online Storage: 20Gb (free for 18 mos.)
Audio: HD / Stereo Speakers / Digital Array Mic
Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth: Built-in
Camera: 0.3 Megapixel Built-in
GPS: Built-in (TBD)
3G Module: Optional (TBD/Model specific)
Digital TV Tuner: Built-in (TBD)
Colors: Black, White, Blue, Taupe, Pink (only BLACK will be available initially – other colors may not be available in the US)

[via netbooknews(german)]

ASUS Eee Videophone – Another EEE accersory

Since the launch of the first EEE PC, the ASUS has been paying special attention to their EEE product line. They started off with just the EEE PCs and gradually added more products under the EEE brand. Their recent addition is the EEE Videophone, which claims to be the “World’s First PC-free Videophone for Skype”. It comes with a large 7-inch display and a rather shabby 0.3MP camera. The display resolution is WVGA (800×480)

It comes with built in wifi to effortlessly connect it to the skype and do video calling. For the folks who do not have wifi at home, they can use the not-so-sleek Ethernet connection to get online. It comes with a rechargeable battery. Weighing at 1.6kg, it just offers 20mins talk time and a rather long 2 hour charging time. You better use it on power adapter as you are not going to be able to do a lot of talking if you are not on AC adapter.

Dimensions: 202 mm (L) x 123 mm (W) x 253 mm (H)

Skype Services:

  • Skype-to-Skype calls (audio and video)
  • SkypeOut (call fixed lines and mobiles)
  • SkypeIn (receive incoming calls via an online number)
  • Call forwarding
  • Skype Voicemail
  • Conference calls (as a guest only)


Asus offering SSD upgrade for EEE 901

Asus Taiwan is going to start SSD upgrade program for Eee PC 901 lineup. I think may be pay around $1500 TWD ($43) and your SSD will be upgraded to the next highest capacity. It goes like this:

  • 4GB to 16GB
  • 16GB to 32GB
  • 12GB to 24 GB

Note: it is clearly mentioned in the below given press release that no upgrades will be offered to the ones with built-in 3.5G

ASUS Press release [via x-gadget]

credit: Ai via contact form

No more 8.9-inch ASUS Eee PCs in 2009

Asus is going to completely phase out 8.9-inch Eee PC netbooks this year. Asus believes that the 10-inch netbooks have much higher demand than the 8.9-inch netbooks.

No doubt, the sales of the 10-inch netbooks have been much higher than expected, but it is odd to completely rule out the 8.9-inch netbooks out of the equation. I am sure that there are a lot of people around who yearn for a smaller device and they do not have a need for a full laptop-size keyboard. They just want a device that is easy to carry around.

[via Digitimes]

Prices of EEE PCs going to increase?

According to the ASUS CEO, we are going to see a price increase in the ASUS EEE PC begining March 1,2009. He futher added that the price increase can be upto 20% of the current price. The reason behind it? Well, he says that 9-inch netbook market has shifted to the 10-inch netbook market. This shift will increase the production cost.

But he also said that the price rise is not going to be very significant due to the stiff competition from their competitors.

[via crunchgear]

ASUS unveils EEE PC T91, T101H and S121

At CES 2009, Asus has announced their three new devices EEE PC T91, EEE T101H and EEE S121 Netbook. The EEE PC T91 is the first official EEE which has a 8.9-inch swivel touch screen. It will come with Windows XP Home edition. It comes with an optional TV-tuner or GPS. EEE PC T101H looks similar to the T91, but sports a bigger 10-inch screen and sports a better keyboard where there is more space between the keys. The EEE PC S121 looks a lot like Asus S101 Netbook, but with new powerful specifications, especially the use of 512GB SSD:

  • Intel Atom Z520 processor
  • 512GB SSD
  • 12.2-inch slim chassis
  • whooping 8-hours of battery time
  • dimensions: 11.7×8.3×0.9

I’m really excited about the one with the 512GB SSD. I am still wondering though how ASUS will be able to keep the price of the S121 low since a 512GB SSD won’t come cheap for sure.

Future EEE PCs will have a better keyboard layout

ASUS is planning to do a lot of hardware changes to their EEE PC line. One of those changes is little, but a quite important one. It is about changing the placement of the right shift key and making it bigger, thus making the overall typing experience more pleasant.

Future EEE PCs will have a better keyboard layout

The right shift is now placed at more comfortable and natural position. I touch-type at a fairly high speed and fortunately unfortunately, I am quite used to the right shift key. Although, I’ve been able to adapt my fingers to the little right shift key of the EEE PCs so far, but it does bugs me sometimes, when I have to some programming where it involves the use of characters like “< > { }.” According to some reports, the ASUS has already implemented the above mentioned keyboard in the EEE 1002HA and S101H.

TIP: If you are guy really that uses the right shift key a lot, then I recommend you to swap the keys. Read this article to easily swap the functions of the keys without doing any dangerous registry edits.

Pink Eee PC S101 – Perfect shades of Pink [EEE PC]

The first question that comes to girl’s mind when we see a gadget is, “Will it come in pink? ” The answer is, “Yes, the S101 is actually now available in pink”. It seems to be making great impressions with another pink-lover. According to pixiestash, the unit oozes high quality and it makes the EEE 701 look like a mere toy. They further extend the comparison by saying that:

The metal parts are not chrome but understated gunmetal, and the crystals embedded in either end of the hinge are subtly sparkly. The keyboard is unfortunately not pink, but the palm rest and multitouch trackpad are brushed metal and color-matched to the pink cover. Even the case is classier than the 701’s, in brown, padded ultrasuede with matching drawstring bag for the cable and power brick.

Japan already got the hot pink version of S101in December 2008.


ASUS going to launch S101H

According to the reports of Fudzilla, ASUS is preparing the launch of it’s new another variant EEE PC, the S101H. There are not much details on this new model, but since it is using the suffix “H”, we surmise that it will have a Hard Disk instead of the SSD, which comes with the S101.

The S101 is the lightest 10.2″ netbook. It sports an ultra-thin design, a la Macbook-Air style. So far, Solid-state drive on the S101 has been of shabby capacity so far (16GB on the Windows XP version). The use of hard disk in S101H will attract more buyers who need more space to store the data and stuff.

Also, it will also help ASUS to lower the price a bit by using hard disk, which are cheaper than the SSDs. We will keep you updated with this new model from ASUS