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Tolino Shine 2 HD and HD Vision 3 Review along with official specifications

Tolino Shine 2 HD is much better than its predecessor packing the new high resolution display measuring 6 inches and featuring E Ink paper HD technology.

Tolino Shine 2 HD review

Tolino Shine 2 HD specifications are pretty impressive too, packing Freescale i.MX6 1GHz , 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory which is enough to store more than 2000 ebooks. If that is not enough for you can use its micro SD card to expand internal storage.

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Pocketbook CAD is a 13 inch eBook reader

Pocketbook released a massive ereader today at an event in Las Vegas, NV. Aimed at architects and AutoDesk CAD lovers, the Pocketbook CAD features a massive 13.3 inch display packing HD+ 1600 x 1200 pixel resolution.

Such pixel density ensures clear text and pictures on its E-ink Mobius display which is also being used in Sony’s digital paper. The PocketBook CAD Reader has a glare-free display that can be read easily in direct sunlight. The dust and waterproof body allows you to use it even under the toughest conditions on the construction site. Powering everything is its 1.2 GHz dual core processor backed by 512 megabytes of memory.

Pocketbook CAD

For storage the Pocketbook CAD offers you eight gigabyte of flash storage. This final retail model looks very different from the one that was displayed at the 2013 consumer electronics show. The new design has rubber housing which makes it resistant to scuffs when traveling and working on the field. It is also given polyurethane treatment to prevent accidental slipping.

Boyue T61 E-ink Android Tablet specifications, excellent but lacks application store

Boyue T61 E-ink Android tablet is a rebranded version of Illumina ereader which is apparently sold by Dutch retailer. It was launched last fall with pretty decent specifications.

The Boyue T61 E-Ink specifications include  6″ Pearl HD E-ink screen with front light, touchscreen, Android 4.2, 1 GHz dual core processor with 512MB RAM, 4GB internal storage, a micro SD card slot, and Wi-Fi.

All those features make it an excellent E-Ink tablet. There is no mention of Play Store on it so it is safe to assume that it would not come with any.

Supported reading formats include Epub, PDF, FB2, and Mobi. Of course since it runs Android you can install your favorite APK on it and use any ereading app you want.

Boyue T61 E-ink Android Tablet specifications

However it ships with several applications pre installed including file manager, drop box, web browser and email client. Selling price is 119 euros including shipping. Boyue T61 E-ink tablet does not come with a retail box but was packed in a plain styro-foam box. This is chiefly done to keep the price down.

InkCase Plus Review, an excellent phone with E-Ink display

Here is a review of the InkCase Plus sample that arrived around couple of weeks after the Kickstarter campaign started. The first thing you will notice is how much the overall design has been improved over the previous testing models shown last year.

InkCase Plus Review

The InkCase Plus features a 3.5 inch screen with E-Ink technology that is custom built to fit smartphone models. Processing power comes form SpreadTrum SC6531 chip which is more than enough powerful to run its 360×600 resolution display.

On the front there are three buttons on the front and inside you will find a battery, USB and Bluetooth port. 

The overall design of the device is great – it is fast and light. Page turning is similar to what you get on a Kindle eReader – swift and fluid.

The software is excellent – you get Android 4.2 OS, Comparison app to control music and send notifications from your phone, sports app and ebook app.

The sports application lets you track the calories burnt and distances covered.

The ebook app you get with InkCase Plus is EpiReader. While it is an ugly application lacking on the features front, it gets the job done and supports myriad formats that includes PDF, Mobi, DRM and non-DRM Epub.

The font is very crisp and perfectly reader on its 3.5 inch display.

Onyx Midia e43 Inkphone cannot make phone calls

Imagine you bought a phone for yourself only to find out later on that you cannot make or receive phone calls on it. You would be very furious right?

Well the people who bought the Onyx Midia e43 Inkphone are complaining that they are able tunable to make or receive calls. Some are not even able to do web surfing on it.

The phone only attaches to network and allows to perform *xxxxx# type ussd operation.

The Onyx Midia phone runs on a 4.3 inch E-ink display, 512MB RAM, 4 gigabytes of internal flash storage and Android 2.3.

It is on sale for 149 euros from Onyx which is a Polish online retailer. The phone went for up sale in June last year and immediately went out of stock.

Onyx Midia e43 Inkphone

Backup Readmill Library Data, servers to close down in six days

Readmill team has announced that in six days from now they will be fully closing down. All user data stored on their servers will be deleted so the current users should backup and export their data.

You should backup your Readmill data so that you can choose to move to another service if you want to in future.

1. While there is no easy way to export your entire Readmill history to be imported on another service, you certainly can export a reading journal that summarizes the time you spent in Readmill.

2. There is also an option that allows you to export the review and reading history.

3. To export any ebooks that you uploaded to Readmill, go to  to the export page and scroll down. There you will find an option to download your entire library as zip file.

4. If DRM is involved you will have scroll down some more to find the instructions to transfer DRM licenses.

Papyre 630 specifications release date

A new eBook reader has been launched called Papyre 630 and is already on sale in Spain with a price tag of 117 Euros. Supported ebook formats include Epub, FB2, PDF and many more. There is no mention of support for audio books and office documents but given its low price tag, we have no reason to complain about it.

Papyre 630 specifications

* Linux operating system
* 600 MHz Rockchip RK2818 CPU
* 4 gigabyte of flash storage
* Micro SD card slot
* Wi-Fi
* 210 grams
* 17cm by 11cm by 9.5cm

Like other eReaders the Papyre 630 is also being made by a Chinese company Grammata and their library has more than 50,000 titles, whcih is not bad. But they are still nothing when compared to Nook and Kindle.

Papyre 630

Not a lot of ereaders are getting launched in US but the situation is much better in Europe.