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LG and Apple team together for Apple netbook?

Looks like the rumors of Apple netbook are not going to die until the Apple finally release their over-talked about netbook. According to the latest rumor, LG is going to make OLED displays for the Apple’s netbook. The new rumor may not be so true as the last time, when we heard about the Apple netbook, the Quanta was given the contract to make them. So, from where did the LG came into play?

These rumors are surely going to make the Apple think about making a netbook now, incase they have not given a thought about it until now.


iPhone Activation Servers Fail: new users angry

Due to the overwhelming demand of the new iPhone 3G, the servers were brought to their toes when thousands (millions?) of new iPhone owners tried to activate their iPhone 3Gs. AT&T is actually sending customers home with their new iPhones and telling them to activate via iTunes.

So, you are left with a shiny new device with the emergency mode. Cool!

iPhone 3G dissected

Super cool guys at ifixit have successfully dissected the iPhone 3G at 0001h, July 11, 2008! Now that’s cool :D

iFixit.com dudes flew to New Zealand to be the ones first to buy and disassemble the iPhone 3G. Call that madness or craziness!

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..and You Thought the iPhone 3G was cheaper :/

The original iPhone came with $499 and $599 price tags. Then came the iPhone 3G, which was introduced with lower price tags than it’s elder brother, $199 and $299.

Over the course of a two-year contract, the original iPhone user paid $1,839 for hardware and monthly fees. For the iPhone 3G, it comes out to be $1999 for a two-year contract!

The iPhone 3G also comes with exchange support. A catch is there too! While the windows mobile and blackberry users do not have to pay anything for the exchange support, iPhone 3G users will have to pay additional $15 for that.

..so much for being cheaper :o

1.3 million people search for 6.9 million Apple iPhones

Nearly 7 million searches for Apple iPhone in a single month. That’s the surprising statistic to emerge from comScore, a company that specializes in measuring the digital world.

comScore has today released the results of a study into iPhone related searches. Conducted during the month of April and covering just the US market, it reveals that there were 6.9 million searches on related keywords during that period.

The full list of popular iPhone search terms is:

1. IPHONE (1,488,000)
2. IPHONE UPDATE (151,000)
3. IPHONE WEB APPS (118,000)
4. IPHONE MMS (101,000)
5. IPHONE 2.0 (75,000)
6. IPHONE 3G (60,000)
7. IPHONE 2 (59,000)
8. IPHONE G3 (43,000)
9. IPHONES (38,000)
10. IPHONE SPEAKERS (35,000)

“Speculation had been rampant in recent months that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was getting ready to introduce a 3G iPhone at Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 9, and indeed he did just that,” said Dan Lackner, comScore Senior VP. “Search is frequently a harbinger of purchase intent. The increase in volume of iPhone searches demonstrates just how heavy that interest has been for the next generation of Apple’s popular phone – even when its existence was still just a rumor.”

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iPhone 3G announced!

Today at WWDC, Apple finally “officially” announced the 3G iPhone. This version will come in 2 sizes and comes in at a very good price. The 8gb version is available only in black and will only cost $199 and the 16gb version will come in black and white and will run $299.

What’s new in the 3G iPhone?

  • 3G data
  • Flushed earphone/headphone jack
  • GPS
  • Better Audio