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MSI Wind U100 hinges are not that weak as we all thought [Netbook]

Last year, immediately when the MSI Wind U100 was released, there was a uproar on the various netbook websites regarding how weak the hinges of MSI Wind U100 were. Now, nearly after an year, how do the hinges stand? Well, the hinges are still strong and have shown no signs of aging.

Looks like MSI has done a great job of keeping the hinges stylish and functional. People have infact praised the built quality of the MSI u100. One of them even accidentally dropped it from nearly 5 ft and nothing happened to the hinges.

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Windows 7 on the MSI Wind U100 [Netbook]

Windows 7 is faster and more reliable version of Windows. Last week, Microsoft made the beta available for download for the public. Microsoft says that they have made myriad of changes under the hood and they have been able to make the whole operating system a whole lot faster than the bulky Vista. Vista was never able to make big name in netbooks as netbooks didn’t have the horsepower to run such a heavy operating system.

Windows 7 BETA is running very well on most of the netbooks. So far, Windows XP has been the OS of choice as it performs very well on the Celeron M and the Intel Atom CPU, either of which are being used in the netbooks today. K.C Tofel at JKontherun has installed Windows 7 on his MSI Wind U100 and he is pretty much impressed with it’s performance.

Sleep without any programs open is 7.2 seconds. Resume is 3.6 seconds. The whole installation took less than 30 minutes. Here are the score of Windows Experience Index, which are pretty decent for a netbook.

  • Processor = 2.2
  • Memory = 4.5
  • Graphics = 2.3
  • Gaming Graphics = 3.0
  • Primary Hard Disk = 4.9

Clearly, the Windows 7 will be more netbook friendly and the users will be happy to switch to it from the now-outdating Windows XP.


More information about MSI Wind U110, U115 and Touch-enabled Wind

MSI Wind has a lot of plans for 2009. They are planing to launch U120 in January 2009 with a new design and WiMAX/3G option for U.S. And they will also release two versions of MSI Wind,  U110 and U115 at the end of January along with touch-enabled MSI Wind, which is expected to land during the CES 2009.

Here are the some specifications of Wind U110 and Wind U115:

Wind U110:

  • Z530 Atom Processor
  • 1GB (expandable to 2GB)
  • 10-inch LED backlight
  • 160GB or 250 GB hard drive
  • 6-cell battery
  • 802.11 b/g/n
  • 1.3 MP or 2MP webcam

Wind U115:

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HIS netbook = another re-branded MSI Wind

HIS is a graphic card manufacture that is going to jump into Netbook bandwagon. HIS is going to launch a netbook, which is actually a rebranded just-another-msi-wind-u100.

It is going to be released in India for price of around $400. I would not recommend to buy it as one can purchase the Wind U100 directly for the same price! Specs are same as Wind U100, but here they go again anyway:

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