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Download Nokia X XL TWRP 3 Recovery

Few weeks back TWRP 3 was released and you can now download Nokia X TWRP 3 recovery. It has a new look and its developer says it is faster than v2.7 TWRP which will make ROM flashers happy. It is also available for Nokia XL which is supersized version of Nokia X. Download Nokia X2 CWM recovery from here.
Download Nokia X XL TWRP 3 Recovery

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Nokia Lumia 735 US release date

Microsoft launched the Nokia Lumia 735 in United States in September, a lot of windows phone fans have been waiting to get their hands on it. Earlier we thought that the Redmond giant would definitely make it available during Christmas but alas, that did not happen.

The Nokia Lumia 735 was marked as coming soon on Microsoft’s website until yesterday when they completely removed its holding spot from their website. Now when you visit the page l, you get their generic “not available” webpage.

So when will the Nokia Lumia 735 be released in United States? Well now that the page is gone, chances of 735 coming to this land are bleak. Some of our mobile experts say they’re having problems with VoLTE on Verizon but we cannot prove anything until Microsoft comes out and comments on this situation.

Nokia Lumia 735 730 CP-3086 Review, official wireless charging shell

The Nokia Lumia 735 and 730 are the latest windows phone cellphones in the market and they offer great value for money. It does not come with built in wireless charging like Lumia 830 and 930 but you can add this high end feature by using CP-3086 wireless charging shell accessory.


The official Nokia Lumia 735 wireless charging shell a k a CP-3086 let you make the most of the phone. Of course to use it you must buy a wireless charging plate. Nokia sells it for as low as $40 and it is compatible with all wireless charging phones.

Coming back to the wireless charging shell – it is made of very high quality polycarbonate. Also since the case’s color is shot through entire plastic, scratching it will not ruin the color – so no white lines!

nokia CP-3086

Of course since the CP-3086 is the official accessory it fits perfectly. Here is the unboxing of it. It is on sale for 25 dollars.

Nokia Lumia 830 wireless charging flip shell CP-627 review

The Nokia Lumia 830 is the latest windows phone in the market and it supports wireless charging by using CP-627 wireless charging flip shell. Here is what we can tell you about it.

Wireless charging flip shell review for the Nokia Lumia 830

We are already super impressed with what the Nokia Lumia 830 has to offer. It features a large 5 inch 720p IPS display, a 10 mega pixel pure view camera with optical image stabilization and a quad core Snapdragon 400 processor – all backed by a 1 gigabyte of RAM.

Wireless charging flip shell CP-627 review for the Nokia Lumia 830

So the 830 is a feature packed phone but you can increase its functionality by adding wireless charging shell.

CP-627 Wireless charging

The CP-627 enables wireless charging in the 830. Using it is very simple – just lay your phone on the wireless charging plate and the battery will start charging without using any troublesome charging cables.

Microfiber lining protects screen

The microfiber lining inside the CP-627 case protects the display from getting scratched. The micro fiber lining is beautifully stitched and it keeps that beautiful 5 inch display clean.

Protects the device

The wireless charging flip shell clips securely to the back of the 830 and it folks over to provide excellent protection from drops and bumps.

Price of shell

Microsoft sells it mere 25 pounds and is available in grey, orange and green colors. It will go on sale on October. 

Nokia CC-3087 Review, excellent flip shell case for Lumia 530

Do you own a Nokia Lumia 530 and looking for an elegant way to protect that display? Well Nokia sells an official flip shell case for it and it does a great job. Called the Nokia CC-3087, the shell features a standard shell that replaces the rear shell of the phone, thus not adding any bulk to the phone.

At the same time you get instant access to all the buttons, audio jack and micro USB port. It is offered in three colors Orange, Green and Dark Grey and that that is shown in this review is in green color.

Nokia CC-3087 Review

We really recommend changing the color theme of your live tile to match the shell’s color.

The flip shell for the Nokia Lumia 530 has attractive, nice and functional design. It definitely adds a new twist to the idea of a shell to your new Lumia 530. We liked it and hope you too will like it.

Nokia CC-3087 Review, excellent flip shell case for Lumia 530

It retails for 20 pounds including VAT and is definitely an excellent option to add protection as well as little style to your Lumia 530 windows phone. 

Nokia Lumia 830 Photos Leaked, comes with Pure View camera

Microsoft which now owns Nokia is all set to release successor to the Lumia 820, the 830. It will be announced officially within few weeks from now but a few of its alleged photos have already surfaced online.

In fact it includes data that points to its different variants for US as well as for other parts of world.

The Nokia Lumia 830 was spotted on Brazil Anatel certification website.

The Brazil’s Anatel website is similar to what we have in the US. So far the phone looks very interesting chiefly because of two facts – it has a removable battery like low end Lumia phones and second, it has pure view camera optics.

The phone measures 139.4 mm x 70.7 mm x 8.5 mm and is thus very thin. On the top there is a micro USB charging port near to the headphone port.

The Lumia 830 model that we spotted is RM-985 which will change to Lumia 830 once it goes public. Other specifications include 4G LTE, dedicated camera button and capacitive hardware buttons for navigation.


Nokia Lumia 530 Review, Quality Quad Core Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 530 Review

Nokia Lumia 530 review summary

The Nokia Lumia 530 is an excellent entry level phone from Microsoft and it is mighty impressive for what it does and costs. While there are few things the Nokia Lumia 530 could do a lot better but we feel it does a lot for little money.

Pros and cons of Nokia Lumia 530

+ Great value for money
+ Excellent performance
+ Good battery life

– Low built in storage – you must have a micro SD card to make most of it
– No front facing camera
– No 4G LTE model.

Full Review of Nokia Lumia 530 and its specifications

After success of Lumia 520, it appears that Nokia has struck gold with the Lumia 530. The phone is equipped with everything that is required to outsell every single windows phone released till date and other smartphones in the below 100 euro range.

Windows Phone runs amazingly well on low end hardware and it totally flies on the Lumia 530 thanks to the quad core Snapdragon 200 processor. Phones in this range lag as they Android which is a bloated operating system.

It is safe to say that Nokia is back with the Lumia 530 in the budget smartphone game and will strike lightning twice with it.

Nokia Lumia 530 – Power for the people


The 530 comes with a 4 inch display packing the same number pixels as the Lumia 630 but since the display is smaller than 630, PPI is 245 which makes it look very sharp.

In comparison the high 4” iPhone 5S packs 960×540 so 854×480 pixels don’t look bad on a 4 inch screen. However the screen quality is bog standard LCD type and not IPS like the one on iPhone.

Nevertheless it is much better than the phones in its class.

Design and Build Quality

From a 5 meter display you will easily be able to identify 530 as a Lumia. The back cover is removable and Nokia offers them in variety of colors.

It weighs a modest 129 grams and it feels just right in hands.  It measures 119.7 x 62.3 x 11.7mm and feels compact in hands.

Performance and Gaming

The phone comes with a quad core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 processor by Qualcomm which brings almost lag-free experience to the end user.

For many 512MB sound too low but since it runs windows phone OS which is super optimized for such hardware, you will find it quite nippy. In fact you would be able to run a CPU intensive game like Halo on it without any lag. We ran it and were pleased with the results.

In other words you will never feel like you are using the cheapest windows phone in the market.

Battery and storage

It comes with a 1430 battery that gives you a full day of good use. The battery runtimes are better than the Lumia 520 thanks to more optimized OS and processor.

Built-in 4GB Storage could have been a big problem if it did not come with WP8.1 but since WP 8.1 lets you move application and games to micro SD card, you can easily overcome this problem by using a good class 10 card.

Camera and Video quality

We really did not want to discuss the camera quality of a budget phone because we thought it would be unfair.

Let us keep it short and simple – it is disappointing because it has fixed focus and thus the photos do not turn out super crisp. However they do seem to do an “ok” job for Facebook and Twitter.

The 530 is the first windows phone that is incapable of recording 720p videos. That said it can perfectly play them back.

Verdict – Lumia 530 is more capable than you think

Yes you read that right. While the phone is not impressive the storage and camera department, it offers a very compelling package in areas like performance, gaming, expandability and display.

lumia 530 review

Nokia Lumia 530 Specification

Dimensions : 119.7 x 62.3 x 11.7mm
Weight: 129 grams
Screen size: 4.0” TFT (480 x 854)
Screen Resolution: 480 x 854 display resolution
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) : 245
Processor: 1.2GHz Quad core application processor
RAM: 512MB
On-board Memory: 4GB (microSD support)
Camera: 5MP (rear) 480p@30fps (no front-facing camera)
Operating system: Windows Phone 8.1
Ultrafast / 3G / 4G LTE: Yes/ Yes/ No
Bluetooth / NFC : Yes/ No
Battery capacity: 1430mAh
Colours: Bright Orange, Bright Green, White, Dark Grey
Launch Date: August
Price: £79 / 99 euro