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India buys 250,000 OLPCs

Couple of months back, we reviewed the Nova Navigator, touted as “India’s $100 PC.” But, it was a nettop and not a laptop or a netbook. As a result of that, Indian Government has decided to purchase 250,000 XO OLPCs. These machines will be distributed in nearly 1500 schools throughout the country.

OLPC launched a pivot program in India in the year 2007, where the OLPC gave away 20 XO in the Khairat-Dhangarwada village in the state of Maharashtra (India).

OLPC is an organization which sells low cost laptops to the governments of developing countries.

The XO laptop by OLPC does not come with any fan inside. However, it is dirt and moisture resistant which makes it ideal for use in dirty environments.

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OLPC wants Windows 7 for ARM

OLPC wants Windows 7 for ARMLooks like the rumors of OLPC opting ARM instead of Atom processor were true. The OLPC has finally decided to go for the ARM platform. The current XO-1 is  very power-frugal and uses just 5 watts of power on an average, which is really efficient for an X86 machine. That said, if the company opts ARM, it would nearly triple the battery life of these devices with the same capacity battery. ARM has much better power management features and also has built-in WiFi. However, the desktop version of Windows does not support ARM processor, which means no XP or no Windows 7.

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OLPC to opt ARM processor instead of Intel Atom for XO-2

It is not an unknown fact that the Microsoft won’t be making an Windows OS having ARM processor support. XO-2, which is targeted to be launched after 18 months from now is likely going to have ARM processor instead of Intel Atom processor.

ARM processors consume much much less power than any power-frugal Intel Processor processor. But since the the ARM processors can run full blown version of Linux, who is complaining?

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OLPC Netbook price drop – now costs only $180

The one-laptop-per-child (OLPC)’s price has been lowered to $180. Although, not exactly $100 as it was originally rumored to, any price reduction is highly appreciated (from $204 to $180). Negroponte is going to roll out its next version of the OLPC netbook, which will sport a dualscreen with virtual keyboard on which it would be interesting to see how easy it is to type on the virtual keyboard.