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OQO cancels all preorders for MODEL 2+

First we saw the disappearance of the OQO models from the expansys store and now we get the news that OQO  has canceled all the preorders for the model 2+. This further makes us think one think: Is OQO on the brink of getting bankrupt?

Clearly, UMPCs are now dying due to their huge price tags and poor demand. Companies need to realize that in such tough times, it would hard for the consumer to shell out $1000+ on a UMPC. ASUS has pretty much understood this fact that they released their tablet/UMPC at a fair price tag of $549.

I am personally not at all surprised due to the fact they were NOT able to offer satisfactory service to the customers in US or anywhere around the world. See this POST for more information about the extremely poor OQO customer support.

OQO 2+ discontinued or its revision coming?

If you go to expansys to order the 1.86 GHz version of the OQO, you will find that the expansys is showing that product has been discontinued. This makes us wonder as the product is barely few months old. This can only mean one thing: OQO is going to launch the revision of its flagship model. It can be that OQO is preparing the revision of model 2+ with Intel Atom 2.0 GHz (Z550) instead of Intel Atom 1.86GHz (Z540).

It may be noted that the power consumption of Z550 is same as Z540 even with the speed jump. Also, it makes sense to equip the flagship model with the best available mobile processor.

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OQO customer support sucks in Asia? [UMPC]

OQO customers are facing a lot of problems in providing services to the OQO owners located in Asia. Look at this reply to the customer’s repair query:

Unfortunately we are unable to ship outside of the US. If you could provide a US address that you could use then we would be able to set up an Out of Warranty RMA, but you would also need to have a credit card issued through a US bank in order to pay for the repairs. If this is not able to be done than you can go through Dynamism where the original purchase was made and they will send it to us and they will bill you. Thank You, OQO Customer Care

So, you need to have a US address + Credit Card issued via US bank.

The horror stories do not end there. It took one customer nearly 2 ½ months (living in Asia) to get his power adapter replaced. And to get the replacement, he had to specify a US address even though he had bought the device in the US itself.

Due to the poor customer support, there is no doubt that OQO has lost many of its potential customers. Those have now shifted their minds towards other netbooks/UMPCs. However, we must understand that OQO is not a big company. Most of its resources are outsourced for parts and repairs. And it is quite natural that the customers who buy these $1500+ devices are going to be angry when they will not be provided  with the service they expect. Although, it may sounds a little unfair that the US and EU/EFTA countries enjoy direct OQO support while the rest of the countries have to undergo grueling and time-consuming process to get their OQO repaired.

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Games suitable for the OQO [UMPC]

I’ve compiled a list of the games taken from various forums that would run fine on the model 2 and model 2+.

  • World of Warcraft (needs Maximizer)
  • Starcraft
  • Sim City 4 (windows mode only)
  • Dungeon Keeper 2
  • Grand Theft Auto 3 (run in 16-bit color mode)
  • pocket ufo for PC
  • C&C – Tiberian Dawn (640×480)
  • C&C – Red Alert (800×480)
  • C&C – Tiberian Sun (800×480)
  • C&C – Red alert 2 (640×480)
  • Civ 1 (Fullscreen)
  • Civ 2 (800×480)
  • Colonization for Windows
  • Imperialism 1 + 2
  • All the Scumm-VM-Games (fullscreen)
  • Starcraft (640×480)
  • Tropico (640×480)
  • Worms World Party (640×480)
  • Anstoss 3 (Football Management Game)
  • Trackmania Nations forever

Happy Gaming folks!

OQO Model 2+ supports decoding HD 1080p videos [UMPC]

The OQO Model 2+ has built-in hardware accelerated decoding (Poulsbo chipset using Intel GMA500 integrated graphics with the PowerVR core), which fully supports both 720p and 1080p HD content. Although, for full HD resolution, connect the OQO to an external 720p/1080p display using HDMI.

The OQO model 2+ support HDMI monitors up to 1920×1200 resolution. However, there is one hiccup. It does not send voice over it. Anyway, I hope to see more UMPC and Netbooks coming with HDMI ports so that people can connect their devices to the external displays that support hi-def and can enjoy HD content in all its glory.

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Watchout when you are buying an External HDD for your OQO! [UMPC]

There are many people who struggle to run their external HDD in their OQOs. Why? Because the OQO has only 1 USB port and some of the external HDDs require two USB ports to power themselves.

Some people think that the OQO does not provide enough power via its USB port. No, that is not the case. The OQO models are fully USB 2.0 compliant and provide upto 500mA of power to the USB device for them to work. If your device requires more than that or if it requires two USB ports, then you are out of luck.

Make sure that the peripheral that you are buying works with the power provided by the OQO and uses only one USB port.

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OQO launches OQO model 2+

OQO model 2+ claims to be world’s smallest Vista running PC with OLED screen. The new model 2+ comes with a much faster 1.86GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB RAM unlike it’s older sibling OQO model 2, which ran a VIA processor and 1GB of RAM. According to the folks at OQO, the new OQO model 2+ offers performance up to twice as fast as its predecessor. It also comes with an embedded passive touchscreen for easier input. This will allow you to use your hands to use the touch screen and you won’t have to search for the stylus just to tap on something on the screen. It comes with inbuilt 3G, thus giving you great speed wherever you get mobile coverage.

So, with the newer model, you get the fastest available Atom Z540 CPU running at 1.86GHz. Since the RAM in the OQO is non-upgradble, it makes sense to give the users as-much RAM as possible to make the Vista experience better. The display is still WVGA (800×480), but the colors look great thanks to the OLED display. The white color looks whiter and black color looks more dark. The model 2+ supports large external displays up to 1920×1200 with HDMI/DVI and VGA interfaces. The keyboard has not change as it was already very usable in the original OQO 2.

Also, ApoTheTech was also able to gather information about it’s ability to provide hardware video decoding. Hi-def H264 video plays fine on the OQO 2+. Also, since it provides hardware video decoding, it does not burn a lot of power while running CPU-intensive videos.

Regarding battery life, you will be able to get nearly 3.5 hours of juice before the OQO 2+ shuts down. This means that with extended battery, you will be able to squeeze nearly 7 hours of battery life.

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Intel Atom powered OQO coming soon – The OQO model 2+

Looks like the CES is going to more goodies than I personally expected. GBM has received an email from the Digital Experience people, which says that at CES, the OQO is going to unveil an Intel Atom processor version of the OQO. It will also have 2GB RAM and an OLED display! Here is the actual of the email received:

OQO, Inc. announces the new model 2+ with the Intel® Atom™ processor, the world’s first PC OLED display, and worldwide 3G capability. Based on the 1.86GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB RAM, the OQO model 2+ offers performance up to twice as fast as its predecessor and includes an embedded touchscreen for easier input.