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Elecom SX-CL24L CL23L CL22L CL21L CL20 laptop coolers launched in Japan

Elecom has launched six new laptop coolers in the Japanese market. First is the SX-CL24L SX-CL23L which have blast mode switch that increases the rotational speed of the cooling fan. It features a 14 cm fan that spins at 1300 rpm that can cool down your laptop by up to 13 degrees. The main difference between the SX-CL24L and SX-CL23L is the use of built-in USB 3.0 hub that adds four additional ports. SX-CL24L price is ¥ 22,800 ($ 190) while the SX-CL23L retails for ¥ 15,100 ($ 125). Weight of SX-CL24L is about 1,580g and SX-CL23L weighs 1,530g.

Elecom SX-CL24L CL23L CL22L CL21L CL20

SX-CL22L – It is a notebook PC cooler with a stand where you can adjust the angle of the body. It is with a 20cm fan capable of doing maximum 800rpm which in turns cools down your laptop by 10 degrees. Price is ¥ 8,870 ($ 74).

SX-CL21L, SX-CL21- The SX-CL21L is for 15.4 inch to 17 inch laptops. The main difference between SX-CL21L and SX-CL21 is their size. The SX-CL21 can be used only with 12.1 to 14.1 inch laptops. Both come equipped with a 20cm fan capable of doing a maximum of 800rpm. With tax, the price of SX-CL21L is ¥ 8,870 while the SX-CL21 7,090 yen.

SX-CL20 – It is a flat cooler for laptops that can accommodate a wide range of laptops (12.1 – 17 inch). The price is ¥ 5,310 and is available in only black color.

Microsoft reveals Notebook cooling pad – great for netbooks too?

We already know that Microsoft keeps coming out with some interesting accessories for the computers, but I’m sure no one ever thought that the Microsoft would ever enter the market of USB-powered Notebook accessories. According to Microsoft, this notebook cooling pad measures only 1.16-inch thick. Also, it  will go on sale in July at an affordable price of $29.95. Looks like Microsoft is well aware of the recession.

This is going to be a great accessory for my EEE 1000H as it does sometimes becomes very warm when do some heavy photoshop work on it or when I play some CPU intensive games.

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RC Turbo Module Dual-Fan RAM Cooler for ARCTIC RC

The Swiss low noise cooling solution provider ARCTIC COOLING launched their latest RAM cooler ARCTIC RC earlier,providing a revolutionary RAM cooling solution for enthusiasts.To reinforce the cooling capacity of the ARCTIC RC,the company launched the RC TURBO MODULE on 17/06/2008, a dual fan cooler that reduces the RAM temperature even further.

RC Turbo Module Dual-Fan RAM Cooler for ARCTIC RC

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