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There is no use of using N280 + GN40 combo if you are using Windows XP

Intel N280 processor and GN40 chipset provides better hardware video decoding and 3D graphics performance only if you are using Windows Vista. This is because only Vista (or later) gives you directX 10 and DXVA 2.0.

Unfortunately, most of the netbooks are still shipping with the Windows XP. With Windows XP, you only get DXVA 1.0 due to which hardware video decoding does not work properly. With Vista, DXVA 2.0 is available and hardware decoding worked fine.

Right now, only Eee PC 1004DN and Gigabyte Technology’s Touch Note T1028 have GN40 chipset. It may be true that netbooks with N280+GN40 combo may offer better hardware video decoding, but the overall performance with a BETA product like Vista is simply horrible on the netbooks.

I tried Vista on my EEE 1000H with 2GB RAM and the performance is disappointing. I will (patiently) wait for the Windows 7 instead.

[via digitimes]

Top 10 reasons you should NOT get a SONY VAIO P

Over-Priced: We fully understand the fact that it is SONY. But, paying so much for a device that performs so poorly does not make any sense
Super high resolution: What is the point of giving the user super high resolution in an 8-inch screen? Is SONY under some contract of putting so outrageous resolutions in small screens? Looks like they learned nothing from their UX series which squeezed 1024×600 pixels in an 4.3-inch display
HDD not easily upgradable: Although we do not upgrade the HDD everyday, but it should be easily swappable in case something goes wrong with the HDD or if the user wishes to use SSD

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With the economic recession still plaguing the world economy, the normal consumer wants to get more features at the lowest price possible. This is where the HTC TOUCH VIVA truly shines. This pebble shaped Windows Mobile device packs a lot of features at a diminutive price. Do we recommend it? Read the review to find out!


The Touch Viva has a pebble shaped design similar to now old HTC TOUCH, which was launched last year.

On the left side, you will find the up and down volume buttons to control the volume.

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Disk Performance comparison: EEE 1000HA V/S EEE 1000H V/S EEE S101

Here are the results of crystaldiskmark done on EEE 1002HA

EEE 1000HA V/S EEE 1000H V/S EEE S101

Here are the results of the crytaldiskmark performed on EEE 1000H:

Disk Performance comparison

Here are the results of the crytaldiskmark performed on EEE S101

Performance comparison EEE 1000HA

Commentary: HDD performance of 1002HA is slightly better than 1000H. However, S101 nails both of them as it uses SSD.

Note: tests on both the machines were done with fresh copy of OEM Windows XP home installed

How to increase the performance of your ASUS EEE PC by using RAMdisk

ASUS EEE PC 70x, 900, 901 and so on uses SSD. True, some of the latest models are coming with Hard Disk Drives instead of SSD. I have always preferred SSD in such small mobile devices. Why? That I’ll be mentioning in my future posts. Let’s me come back to the topic.

How to increase the performance of your EEE PC by using RAMdisk?

First of all, why move content to RAMdisk?

  • to increase life of SSD
  • faster web-experience
  • very fast for copying and moving small amount of data
  • save precious space on your ASUS EEE PC

I guess the reasons above are enough. Now, Let’s implement the RAMdisk on the ASUS EEE PC. 

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