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Nokia Lumia 735 730 CP-3086 Review, official wireless charging shell

The Nokia Lumia 735 and 730 are the latest windows phone cellphones in the market and they offer great value for money. It does not come with built in wireless charging like Lumia 830 and 930 but you can add this high end feature by using CP-3086 wireless charging shell accessory.


The official Nokia Lumia 735 wireless charging shell a k a CP-3086 let you make the most of the phone. Of course to use it you must buy a wireless charging plate. Nokia sells it for as low as $40 and it is compatible with all wireless charging phones.

Coming back to the wireless charging shell – it is made of very high quality polycarbonate. Also since the case’s color is shot through entire plastic, scratching it will not ruin the color – so no white lines!

nokia CP-3086

Of course since the CP-3086 is the official accessory it fits perfectly. Here is the unboxing of it. It is on sale for 25 dollars.

Nokia Lumia 530 Review, Quality Quad Core Smartphone

Nokia Lumia 530 Review

Nokia Lumia 530 review summary

The Nokia Lumia 530 is an excellent entry level phone from Microsoft and it is mighty impressive for what it does and costs. While there are few things the Nokia Lumia 530 could do a lot better but we feel it does a lot for little money.

Pros and cons of Nokia Lumia 530

+ Great value for money
+ Excellent performance
+ Good battery life

– Low built in storage – you must have a micro SD card to make most of it
– No front facing camera
– No 4G LTE model.

Full Review of Nokia Lumia 530 and its specifications

After success of Lumia 520, it appears that Nokia has struck gold with the Lumia 530. The phone is equipped with everything that is required to outsell every single windows phone released till date and other smartphones in the below 100 euro range.

Windows Phone runs amazingly well on low end hardware and it totally flies on the Lumia 530 thanks to the quad core Snapdragon 200 processor. Phones in this range lag as they Android which is a bloated operating system.

It is safe to say that Nokia is back with the Lumia 530 in the budget smartphone game and will strike lightning twice with it.

Nokia Lumia 530 – Power for the people


The 530 comes with a 4 inch display packing the same number pixels as the Lumia 630 but since the display is smaller than 630, PPI is 245 which makes it look very sharp.

In comparison the high 4” iPhone 5S packs 960×540 so 854×480 pixels don’t look bad on a 4 inch screen. However the screen quality is bog standard LCD type and not IPS like the one on iPhone.

Nevertheless it is much better than the phones in its class.

Design and Build Quality

From a 5 meter display you will easily be able to identify 530 as a Lumia. The back cover is removable and Nokia offers them in variety of colors.

It weighs a modest 129 grams and it feels just right in hands.  It measures 119.7 x 62.3 x 11.7mm and feels compact in hands.

Performance and Gaming

The phone comes with a quad core 1.2 GHz Snapdragon 200 processor by Qualcomm which brings almost lag-free experience to the end user.

For many 512MB sound too low but since it runs windows phone OS which is super optimized for such hardware, you will find it quite nippy. In fact you would be able to run a CPU intensive game like Halo on it without any lag. We ran it and were pleased with the results.

In other words you will never feel like you are using the cheapest windows phone in the market.

Battery and storage

It comes with a 1430 battery that gives you a full day of good use. The battery runtimes are better than the Lumia 520 thanks to more optimized OS and processor.

Built-in 4GB Storage could have been a big problem if it did not come with WP8.1 but since WP 8.1 lets you move application and games to micro SD card, you can easily overcome this problem by using a good class 10 card.

Camera and Video quality

We really did not want to discuss the camera quality of a budget phone because we thought it would be unfair.

Let us keep it short and simple – it is disappointing because it has fixed focus and thus the photos do not turn out super crisp. However they do seem to do an “ok” job for Facebook and Twitter.

The 530 is the first windows phone that is incapable of recording 720p videos. That said it can perfectly play them back.

Verdict – Lumia 530 is more capable than you think

Yes you read that right. While the phone is not impressive the storage and camera department, it offers a very compelling package in areas like performance, gaming, expandability and display.

lumia 530 review

Nokia Lumia 530 Specification

Dimensions : 119.7 x 62.3 x 11.7mm
Weight: 129 grams
Screen size: 4.0” TFT (480 x 854)
Screen Resolution: 480 x 854 display resolution
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) : 245
Processor: 1.2GHz Quad core application processor
RAM: 512MB
On-board Memory: 4GB (microSD support)
Camera: 5MP (rear) 480p@30fps (no front-facing camera)
Operating system: Windows Phone 8.1
Ultrafast / 3G / 4G LTE: Yes/ Yes/ No
Bluetooth / NFC : Yes/ No
Battery capacity: 1430mAh
Colours: Bright Orange, Bright Green, White, Dark Grey
Launch Date: August
Price: £79 / 99 euro

Thinkpad netbook in the tunnel?

Lenovo’s senior exec has revealed that the company is looking forward to release a netbook under the Thinkpad brandname. Due to the recent introduction of netbooks sporting high price tags, IBM thinks that the lines between netbooks and notebooks are blurring at a very fast rate.

However, Lenovo has clearly indicated that the Thinkpad netbook will not have specs of a conventional netbook. According to them, if you want ‘full functionality’, you will have to go for Core or Celeron mobile processor. The Thinkpad netbook will be designed to cater to the needs of those who yearn for something that is more powerful than the conventional netbook but has the same size and feel.

The Thinkpad brand is a brand that is widely popular among businessmen and if Lenovo releases something under that brand, it will be of premium quality for sure.

[via apcmag]

HTC TOUCH HD as a Mobile Internet Device (MID)- Review

Harvsingh, reviewer at ApoTheTech did a HTC TOUCH HD review few months back (even before it was officially released in some countries). However, this time we are going to review it from a different perspective – AS A MOBILE INTERNET DEVICE. If you have been following the windows mobile scene from the past couple of years, you must have observed that the display size of the mobile phones has decreased in size over the years. Whether we all like it or not, but it was the iPhone that brought the big screen to attention to the mobile phone manufactures.


  • 3.8-inch WVGA display
  • 800 x 480 resolution
  • 288MB RAM
  • 512MB ROM
  • Wifi, BT
  • GPS
  • 5MP auto focus camera (no flash)
  • Opera 9.5 for Internet Browsing
  • Video calling
  • Skype (no video calling)
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 (can run Windows Mobile 6.5 although the upgrade is not official)

On the paper, the HTC TOUCH HD looks very impressive as a phone, but it the first device from HTC that can be seriously considered as a MID. You may argue that the HTC Advantage was the first MID. Well, I guess that was too big to be pocketable and I believe MIDs should be able to easily fit in pockets.

Alright, back to the topic: How is the Internet experience?

The Touch HD has a WVGA display and this is the same one that was used in the first generation of the ASUS EEE PCs (EEE 700 series). Imagine all that display squeezed into a 3.8-inch display. The display is very crisp and breathtaking to look at.

Just like the recent HTC devices, HTC has bundled Opera Mobile 9.5 which offers great Internet experience. The Opera Mobile works fine for rendering even complex webpages. Although the pages take somewhat longer to load than the Safari Mobile (found on iPhone/iPod Touch), but once loaded, everything works fine the  way it should. I’ve been told that the upcoming versions of Opera will be able to play youtube and other streaming videos within the webpage.

Note that in iPod Touch/iPhone, you cannot view the videos in the webpage.

The back button on the front takes you to the previous page. All the buttons provide the user with haptic feedback. Haptic feedback produces little vibration to make the user feel that a button press was registered by the device.

Display Sensitivity

The display is very sensitive. It is equivalent to the sensitivity of the ASUS P565 (world’s fastest windows mobile phone). It may not be capacitive, but then you are not restricted to use only your fingers (not even finger nails). You can use the supplied stylus too, which is held by a magnet in its silo.

Music Quality

Since, it comes with 3.5mm headphone jack, you can plugin your high-quality earphones to listen to music. The music quality is great through the earphones.

There are dedicated volume buttons on the left side of the unit to turn the volume up and down.


It comes with a 5MP camera located at the back of the unit. It takes decent pictures although not as great as the ones taken by Nokia N95.

The camera software provides touch focus, which lets you focus on the desired area.

Here are couple of pictures taken by me at its full resolution:

The 3.8-inch display is huge and make the navigation very finger friendly. It is absolutely stunning to look at. It is 0.3-inch bigger than iPhone too!

Price: It costs $800-$900. I know it is a little too high for some of you but it is a great MID which also doubles as a great phone.

mobile shoppingt:

The benefits of the atom processor can be seen in most mobile phones.

PROOF: Screens of HTC TOUCH DIAMOND and HTC TOUCH PRO are NOT same [Windows Mobile]

Let the pictures say the story. The one on the left is the HTC DIAMOND and the one on the right is the HTC TOUCH PRO.

As you can see, on the HTC DIAMOND’s display has much more saturation and the image looks much more dense on the Diamond’s display as compared to HTC TOUCH PRO.

Also, on the  Diamond’s display, the white color is more whiter, while on Touch PRO’s display, the white appears as pale yellow although my camera was not able to differentiate effectively, but in person, the difference can easily be observed.

(one more image after the break)

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