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No EeePC Logo showed while booting?

So your EEE PC 1000H or 904HA does not show the EEE PC logo while booting. Well, the reason is that the boot booster has been enabled which reduces the boot time. If you want the splash screen saying EEE PC back, here is how to do it.

As-soon-as you start the device, keep pressing F2 until you enter BIOS. Then go into Boot–>Boot Booster [Disable]. That is it.

Keep in mind that it will take a while before you see your operating system booting up. This is because aforementioned steps disable quick+quite boot which makes system check every single component of 1000h.

So we do not recommend to it checked all the time. To enable Boot Booster again, go to BIOS again by pressing F2 key when your computer boots and turn boot booster on.

Newbie Tip: Make the Calender plugin show more

Is it too tiring for you to go to the Calender application again and again just to see the upcoming appointment because the Calender plugin on the today screen is not showing enough upcoming appointments?

Well, it is easy to cure that problem. Just go to start>settings>today>Items(tab)>Calender. Here click on options and select Upcoming Appointments. Click “Ok” button and you are done!

Was not that easy? :)

Tip: Switch Between Views of Calender Application quickly and easily in Windows Mobile

Calender application has 5 views: agenda, day, week, month and year. To quickly switch between the views of the calender application, make sure you have assigned the calender application to one of the hardware buttons*.

After you’ve assigned it to the hardware buttons, all you need to do is press the button repeatedly to cycle between the views.

* Incase you don’t know how to assign the calender application to the hardware button, go to ‘start’>’settings’>’buttons’

**tip only for windows mobile professional users only AKA Pocket PC users

New Bie Tip: Make the Appointment Icons Appear in Day/Agenda View

This is a great tip for the new Windows Mobile professional users(aka Pocket PC phone/’without phone’) users. You can set 6 different icons that can appear adjacent to the new appointment that you’ve made.


  1. Go to Menu(right soft key)
  2. Tools>Options
  3. Go to Appointments tab
  4. Here you can click on the bell, reoccurring symbol, note, home, location and attendees

Please note that these icons can be seen in both day and agenda view.