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VITO softwares now compatible with Samsung Omnia [Windows Mobile]

VITO Technology releases mass update of all software items at Now all programs like VITO Voice2Go, VITO AudioNotes, VITO SoundExplorer and others support Samsung Omnia.

Samsung Omnia made it’s debut with a resolution, which was previously never used in Windows Mobile: 400 x 240. But, now the users of Samsung Omnia can enjoy all the great VITO applications thanks to the mass update of all of their applications.

Head on to to download free trials and check out their great products!

Vito Winterface version 1.2 review – VGA screenshots

With the Microsoft dragging their feet in vamping up the windows mobile operating system interface, other companies as-well-as individuals are finding ways to spruce that old interface. Companies are making what they call “shells”. They are the applications that run on top on the windows interface and give it a new look. Some are the famous ones that are made by HTC  including the Touchflo 3D and Touchflo 2D

A popular shell that has come about is by a company called Vito Technology. This company has numerous types of shell applications that run on windows mobile. They have made their own shell called WinterFace.


The installation can be done either via a CAB or via EXE. CAB is meant to be run on the device itself. EXE has to be run on the desktop. The installation went fine on my HTC Touch Pro.

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Task2Gather REVIEW – manage your tasks, share your tasks

Task2Gather is an online application, which lets you manage the tasks online. It is available for free for your Desktop and also for Windows Mobile and iPhone. Imagine your wife or girlfriend updating the list of items to be purchased at home while you are out. Your windows mobile device or iPhone will automatically display the updated list. Priceless!

Lets see how the first screen of the Task2Gather looks. If you have already registered online, then you can easily log yourself in. Otherwise, you can click on “have no account?” and register yourself on the device itself. This is really nice considering the fact that many windows mobile applications require you to go to the product’s website on the Desktop to register yourself.

Please note that the screenshots were taken off my HTC Diamond and thus had to be scaled down as they looked very big (480 x 640)

After the success of the Touch friendly devices by HTC, it has become mandatory for every application to be very finger friendly. Nobody is now interested in taking the stylus out just to write few words or characters. People at VITO (who have made this application) have well understood this fact. The Task2Gather application is very finger friendly.

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Task2Gather – Online Project & Task Manager for Windows Mobile : Create tasks, share responsibility, achieve goals

VITO Technology releases online project & task management utility Task2Gather. Task2Gather saves tasks in the web cloud for users to access them any time they need. Task2Gather key features are intuitive user-friendly interface, hierarchic organization, and easy task sharing.

Task2Gather is very flexible. It serves equally well both for organizing and supervising work flow in mid-size companies and also for managing personal to-do or shopping lists. The hierarchic structure allows users to divide any project or task into unlimited number of sub-tasks.

Task2Gather is for working together. Once user has created a project, he can invite other participants and assign them responsible for certain tasks. All it takes is typing an email address and clicking “Invite” button. In a couple of minutes their friends, colleagues, or partners will become the part of the project, even if they didn’t use Task2Gather before. The registration in Task2Gather takes less than a minute.

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iWindowsMobile Winterface updated – support for Weather

A couple of months, we reviewed Winterface. At that time, there was no support for weather. iWindowsMobile has updated the Winterface with weather support now.

iWindowsMobile Winterface updated

The new version of Winterface features a Weather icon among other status icons with “live” info like time, calendar, e-mail, tasks and other icons. Winterface 1.14 also addresses some minor device specific bugs and provides further improvements.

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Vito SMS-Chat reviewed! – version 1.16

Want the best and easiest way to manage your SMSes? The messaging application of the Windows Mobile a lot to be desired. VITO SMS-chat is one application that promises to fill the gap.

Now, what gaps am I talking about? Well, you will know them all and the cure of all of them after reading this review.

Superb and elegant Interface

Take a look at the below given screenshot. One would easily think that it is not from Windows Mobile as it has never been so finger friendly. Thanks to great guys at Vito Technology, they came up with a extremely finger friendly application. You don’t need to take out that small stylus anymore just to read an SMS or to send an SMS. The main window contains all the SMS chats that you have done so far. They are sorted by date.

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VITO Technology releases Winterface – a major breakthrough in the world of Windows Mobile interface. Winterface is the Next Generation Shell for Windows Mobile comprising the options of a launcher, a task manager, and a multitude of Today plug-ins. Winterface gives the user unprecedented freedom to easily lay out interface exactly the way they like it.

As a shell Winterface removes the necessity to turn to default Windows Mobile interface: Today screen and Start menu. Winterface opens instantly whenever users draw a simple gesture on the screen.  It allows users to have as many screens as they need and put on them icons for applications, settings and contacts. The screens are flipped through with sliding finger gestures. The icons for such applications as phone, sms, email, battery, clock, calendar, memory, etc. – all show relevant information and thus replace a number of Today plug-ins.

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FunContact 2.15 released!

New stylish black skin for businessmen

June 27, 2008 – VITO Technology releases a new version of FunContact – the best selling contact manager that provides the most exciting and convenient contact management on Windows Mobile touch screen devices. You can do everything with a flick of a finger!

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iWindowsMobile Eye Photo reviewed!

Are you tired of the same old interface of your picture viewer and sick of browsing through every folder in your device to find a particular photo ? Not any more. Because, EyePhoto automatically fetches all the folders in your device tat contains images. And not only that, with EyePhoto you can slide through the screen using your finger, just like in an iPhone.

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