The Talks magazine launches new iPhone application

Popular online interview mag called The Talks has launched a new redesigned Apple iPhone application that allows its users to view the entire collection of interviews, portraits, and audio samples. The app is totally free as it is supported by Rolex.

For those who do not know about “The Talks”, it was launched by Sven Schumann in 2011 and since then the magazine has been leading source for interviews on the Internet from general fields to art, film, fashion, music, literature, entrepreneurship and sports.

The Talks magazine launches new iPhone application

Here are its features:

* Available exclusively on the iPhone and iOS 7/8
* Access to over 150 interviews, portraits and audio samples
* New content added automatically every week
* A read later function for the viewers personal selection
* Interactive Push Notifications
* Sharing via E-mail, Twitter, and Facebook
* Built in Subscribe function for customized updates

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