About Us

ApoTheTech.com is one of the oldest publications religiously covering everything about latest technology news. Goal of ApoTheTech.com has always been to deliver top-notch news related to Apple iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, tablets and laptops.  If the news is about technology, you’ll find it at ApoTheTech.com



ApoTheTech Team

Taran Kaur – Executive Editor
Taran Kaur is the editor in chief of ApoTheTech, a technology enthusiast with a passion for gadgets and the latest technology. She likes to cover a wide range of technology subjects from smartphones, tablets and the latest gadgets.

Mohit Sharma, Contributing Editor
Mohit Sharma holds a degree in computers. He also handles the server and design of this web portal.

Dimsea Arora – Senior Editor
Gurmeet Singh is more than 50 years old but has a strong passion for whatever latest is happening in the technology market. He loves opensource and reviewed many software related to open source technology.

Kamal, Managing Editor
Kamal is a veteran journalist with more than 10 years of experience and serves as Managing Editor. Kamal is a  post graduate in Master of Computer Applications and has earned degrees in both Journalism and Computers.

Navdeep Thakur, Associate Editor
Based in New Delhi, Navdeep is a news writer with an emphasis on Apple and Samsung phones. He brings over 8 years of experience in mobile writing to the ApoTheTech team.

Jiao Miller, International Editor
Jiao Miller has done masters in music but has a flair for computers and mobile technology. You can find Jiao glued to her laptop going through various technology and gadget blogs.