Wired mechanical keyboard with control knobs – Keychron Q2

Copec has released the Keychron wired mechanical keyboard. Called the Keychron Q2 QMK knob version, it features a control knob on the upper right. The price starts at 225 dollars. The Keychron Q2 QMK knob version is a ten keyless mechanical keyboard with customizable control knobs on the top right of the keyboard. You can set your favorite functions such as zoom in/out, screen brightness, and volume. It supports QMK and VIA, and features the ability to easily customize each key, and it also has a switch to switch the key layout between Windows and Mac.

Keychron Q2
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ESR Project Zero S22 Ultra case review

I have been a fan of ESR products ever since Note 20 Ultra. I have been using their clear case since 2020 and it still looks like new.

s22 ultra esr case

Naturally, when I got myself the new green Galaxy S22 Ultra, I searched for the clear ESR case. Called the ESR Project Zero, this is a clear case for S22 Ultra with some rugged elements baked in. ESR claims it is yellowing-resistant which is a huge claim since most clear cases turn yellow after couple of weeks but the ESR cases are built different and turn yellow much later.

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