Windows 12 will be all about artificial intelligence

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After the release of Windows 11, Microsoft established a three-year replacement schedule, that is, Windows 12 is expected to be officially unveiled in 2024, or at least will go into beta around that time. Whether Windows 12 will look different than the Windows 11 is yet to be seen but it will surely be more intelligent as more and more use of artificial general intelligence is baked into brains of operating systems. 

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Acronis Thunderbolt 4 dock launched at IFA 2022

Acronis, which provides data protection solutions, was exhibiting at the IFA 2022. Acronis has been known as a software vendor that provides backup tools such as the backup tool True Image Home, but it is currently evolving into a comprehensive tool vendor for data protection, including ransomware countermeasures. Cyber ​​Protect Home Office, the successor to True Image Home, has recently evolved into the latest version with minor updates.

Acronis Thunderbolt 4 dock
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4 Benefits Of Using Managed IT Services For Your Company

In today’s digital world, every business irrespective of its industry uses information technology in almost every aspect of its operations. Whether you are an eCommerce business using Shopify to sell your products online, or a manufacturing company using software to manage logistics and warehousing, all businesses use IT in one way or another. However, despite how glorious and easy technology makes our everyday lives, it can be unreliable and difficult to understand for most managers.

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