AI software Chilloutmix crosses 120,000 downloads

ai girl Chilloutmix

AI drawing has become popular, and the pictures of girls generated by AI can even be faked, and the models used by many people are from Chilloutmix. A few days ago, the author deleted the library for some reasons. The good news is that Chilloutmix is ​​now on the shelves again but the copyright has nothing to do with the author.

Civitai, known as Station C, is a place where many old AI drawing drivers like to find inspiration. Chilloutmix is ​​the most popular model in this community, and it may not be one of them. The author is a Japanese developer, and the model he trained is very suitable for the Asian region. Aesthetics, of course, veteran drivers all over the world like to watch it.

Re-listing is of course a good result for many Artificial Intelligence drawing enthusiasts. If you draw any pictures in the future, you will bear the consequences yourself. Don’t blame the model author. Now the copyright is gone.

ai girl

The model downloads of Chilloutmix have reached 120,000 times, and the AI ​​girls generated by it can be found everywhere, and there are many good pictures in the community.