BIOSTAR motherboard for 14th generation Intel processors – BIH61-AHA review

BIOSTAR motherboard review 2024

BIOSTAR BIH61-AHA is one of best motherboards for Intel Core i-series 14th generation processors. It comes with 5 PCI slots and multitude ports and interfaces.

BIOSTAR BIH61-AHA has support for legacy interfaces for AIoT, edge computing, and industrial automation. It also comes with 5 PCI slots, which is rare these days, but it also has up to 10 serial ports 8 of which are pin headers, dual Gigabit Ethernet, 6 USB 2.0, 4 of which are pin headers, and USB 3.0. 4, equipped with SATA 6Gbps x 4.

Display outputs jacks present on the BIOSTAR BIH61-AHA include HDMI and DisplayPort, as well as mini D-Sub 15 pins so you can also connect the old-school VGA computer monitors.

The main BIOSTAR BIH61-AHA specifications include LGA1700 socket, 14th generation/13th generation/12th generation Core CPU, DDR5-4800/5600 x 2 maximum 96GB, and Intel H610 chipset. Form factor is ATX.