Cheap stylus for iPad and Android tablets – Pilot Puni Touch review

Pilot Puni Touch review

Apple Pencil is quite expensive for a stylus. A quick glance on an ecommerce website shows there are plenty of alternatives to Apple Pencil but none of them come close to Pilot Puni Touch in terms of quality and price.

Pilot Puni Touch review

Pilot Puni Touch specifications

Product name – Touch pen “Punitouch”
Main Specifications – Method: Capacitive touch pen
Pen tip diameter: 8mm
Touch rubber material: conductive silicone rubber
Body color: white, blue, pink, mint green
Size: Total length 125mm Maximum diameter 10.2mm
Release date – Thursday, February 15, 2024
Sales destination – Famous stationery stores, department stores, and mass retailers nationwide

Pilot Puni Touch has capacitive surface – just like your iPad or Android tablet’s screen. This is because the touch rubber uses conductive silicone rubber. The main body size is 10.2 x 125mm. There are four body colors available white, blue, pink, and mint green.

Pilot Puni Touch takes advantage of the writing-related technology that we have cultivated as a writing instrument manufacturer, and features an easy-to-grip design that gets thicker toward the touch area at the tip, as well as an 8mm diameter touch rubber that has a wide contact area with the digital device and is highly sensitive.