Best gaming netbook 2024 – GPD Win Max 2 2024

If you are looking for a compact gaming netbook, make sure to check out the new GPD Win Max 2 2024. Equipped with the latest AMD Ryzen 7 8840u processor, the GPD Win Max 2 comes with 10.1 inch display with 2k resolution and runs Windows 11 OS, allowing you to run Steam games with ease.

GPD Win Max 2 2024 review

GPD Win Max 2 2024 specifications include 10.1 inch 2560×1600 pixel display, Windows 11 Home OS, 2TB SSD, 32 / 64 GB RAM, built in gaming controller, joystick and 6-axis gyro sensor and analog triggers.

Port selection of GPD Win Max 2 2024 include USB 4, USB 3.1 Type-C, USB 3.1 x 2, OCuLink, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, SD card / microSD card slot, audio input/output, 2 million pixel web camera, fingerprint sensor that also doubles as power button. For processor, there are two choices – Ryzen 7 7840U or Ryzen 7 8840U, both of which also have artificial intelligence.

It definitely reminds me of Alienware M11x, that was released more than a decade ago. It had 11.6″ display, Intel i5/i7 processor and a dedicated graphics card.

Battery is pretty beefy at 67Wh, giving you an operating time of 3-hours but if you do light work, you would get around 14-hours of continuous runtime. It measures 227 x 160 x 23 mm and weighs 1.005kg.