Alienware Aurora R16 Review – Best Gaming PC with Intel 14th generation processor

Alienware Aurora R16 Review

Dell offers a powerful Intel Core 14th generation gaming PC called the Alienware Aurora R16. Compared to the predecessors, the Alienware Aurora R16 has a completely new housing design. It is 40% smaller while keeping the internal volume at 25.2-liters. This is Alienware Aurora R16 review.

Compared to its previous, the Alienware Aurora R15, the new R16 is 20-percent is quieter, and runs cooler up to 10% and GPU temperature by up to 6%. If you use the configurator online, you can equip Alienware Aurora R16 with Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090.

Upgrading Alienware Aurora R16

Alienware Aurora R16 is a 12-phase power regulator with a heat sink is used around the CPU. Water cooling with a 240mm radiator can also be selected as an option, enabling top-level power to be exerted continuously for long periods of time.

Furthermore, the uniquely designed motherboard on the Alienware Aurora R16 eliminates elements that obstruct airflow and improves cooling of SSD and memory. The connector on the front panel is also directly connected to the motherboard, avoiding poor connections caused by cables.

The minimum configuration available on the Dell’s website gives you Intel Core i7-14700F processor, 16GB memory, 1TB SSD storage, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 graphics card, and runs Windows 11 Home OS. The price is 1581 USD.