iPhone 13 to have smaller bezels compared to iPhone 12

iPhone 13

Apple is going to make some significant design changes to upcoming iPhone 13 that will make iPhone 12 look pretty dated. According to new iPhone 13 renderings, the bezels have been greatly reduced and borders around screen have been further narrowed. Thus, the overall visual effect of screen is better than current one. This also increases screen-to-body ratio. 

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iOS 14.3 jailbreak for iPad and iPhone by UnCover released

uncover jailbreak tool iphone

If you have an iPad or iPhone with iOS 14.3, you can jailbreak it using UnCover / Unc0ver tool. This tool is available for all iPhone and iPad models that are running iOS 14-14.3. Earlier, there were unexpected errors with the jailbreak but the new updated tool prevents all of these unexpected errors and crashes, including random restarts, and phone unresponsiveness. 

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How to transfer videos from PC to iPhone

Although iOS devices do not have a screen as large as television, they have excellent image resolution, so they are ideal for enjoying movies during a trip or in your free time, being able to use your iPhone or iPad to watch what you want. From this article, we will tell you several ways about how to transfer your videos from a computer to the iPhone or iPad fast and efficiently.

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Mophie Charge Stream Pad+ is a wireless charging pad for iPhone and Galaxy smartphones

Mophie Charge Stream Pad review

Mophie has churned out Charge Stream Pad+, which is a universal charging pad that lets you charge latest iPhone and Samsung Qi-smartphones. It supports Mophie’s juice battery cases and is still able to charge your iPhone. So, you would not have to remove the case from your phone while charging. Compatible iPhones includes 8, 8+ and X. To use the Mophie Charge Stream Pad+, you will be able to use the QC 2.0 wall adapter and USB-A to micro USB cable to power it.

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IOTransfer 2 Review: ultimate iPhone/iPad manager

IOTransfer 2 Review (1)

IOTransfer 2 is a powerful tool to manage data stored on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. If you despise iTunes or yearn for an easier way to interact with your iOS device, the IOTransfer 2 is the perfect application for your computer. For instance, it lets you drag and drop videos on your iPhone or iPad wherever you want. There are no restrictions where you save the file.

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