iPhone 15 Pro Max is dead

iphone 15 ultra

There have been reports online that Apple may rename its iPhone 15 Pro Max to iPhone 15 Ultra. This means it will be the first time that Apple uses Ultra as the suffix for their smartphone. 

In the past few generations of iPhone, the Pro Max model is usually just a bigger version of the Pro model, and features identical hardware configuration. However, this time the iPhone 15 Ultra may have a significant improvement in overall performance. 

It is being said that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be equipped with a periscope telephoto lens for the first time, supporting 6x optical zoom, which will bring users a better camera experience. 

Also, this iPhone 15 Ultra will be equipped with the A17 bionic chip, which will be the first mobile chip using a 3nm process technology. The maximum storage capacity may also touch 2TB with support for Wi-Fi-6E, and screen packing 120Hz ProMotion high refresh rate screen. 

There is also some update about the USB-C interface of the iPhone 15 Ultra and it may be different from the standard version. It will be equipped with a lightning interface, and the theoretical transmission rate will reach 40Gbps, which will greatly increase the data transmission speed. By comparison, the standard iPhone 15 is capped at 480Mbps.