Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen4 details released – Qualcomm SC8380 or SC8380XP

qualcomm snapdragon gen4

Qualcomm has released details of Snapdragon 8 Gen3 that will pack 1+5+2 8 core. It is also said that Qualcomm will be saying goodbye to ARM architecture for the first time and change to the self-developed Nuvia Phoenix. It was previously reported that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen4 will integrate two performance cores and 6 energy efficiency cores to form an 8-core specification. 

The latest leaks show that there will be three versions of Snapdragon 8 Gen4 with biggest difference being number of CPU cores. 

The top variant includes Qualcomm SC8380, or SC8380XP, has a total of 12 cores, including 8 performance cores and 4 energy efficiency cores. This will also be the first time in the history of mobile phone SoCs to reach 12 cores. 

The sub-model Qualcomm SC8370, or SC8370XP, has 10 cores, including 6 performance cores and 4 energy efficiency cores.

The weakest one of the bunch is Qualcomm SC8350, or SC8350XP, with 8 cores, but not 2+6, but 4 performance cores and 4 energy efficiency cores. There’s little information on how the three variants will differ in terms of naming and other specifications like usage of GPU, WiFi 7, 5G and so on.