AMD Versal Review – 2nd generation artificial intelligence processor with pre-processing

AMD Versal Review

AMD Versal is here and it is company’s 2nd generation artificial intelligence processor. There are two Versal series – AI Edge Series Gen 2, meant for AI processing and Versal Prime Series Gen 2 that is leaned towards general purpose processing. 

AMD Versal Review

Artificial Intelligence is nothing new to company as company had previously offered Zync AI technology for embedded systems, but they were never totally inclined towards artificial intelligence, unlike AMD Versal. This new SoC aims to address challenges unique to embedded systems, such as maintaining functionality at high temperatures, limited power supply, and form factor constraints. 

With AI Edge Series Gen 2, users will be able to perform programmable logic, vector processing and get high end performance. As AMD puts it, the new Versal AI Edge Series Gen 2 will give users preprocessing, AI interference and Postprocessing, all in a single chipset. 

At the same time, AI Edge Series Gen 2 ensures there is low power consumption, no power delivery or board area issues. 

The new AI Edge Series Gen 2 is able to achieve three times the TOPs/Watt for AI inference compared to the previous generation, and up to 10 times the scalar type calculation performance, and also has various programmable logic compared to the previous generation. 

These new processors will be hitting the market in H1 2025 with review kits out in mid of 2025.