AMD Ryzen 8040 processor with artificial intelligence

Ryzen 8040 series with AI

We now have processors with artificial intelligence. Meet the AMD Ryzen 8040 series, also known as Hawk Point, that will be making use of AMD Ryzen Advancing AI architecture.

AMD Ryzen 8040 has new artificial intelligence core that the company has been developing under the development code name Hawk Point as the Ryzen 8040 series processor hereinafter referred to as Ryzen 8040.

AMD Ryzen 8040 has built-in CPU Zen 4 core, GPU RDNA 3, and NPU XDNA. AMD will be making use of TSMC 4nm manufacturing process to create them. However, the die for the AMD Ryzen 8040 been revised, and Hawk Point can run the CPU, GPU, NPU at higher clock speeds than the outgoing AMD Ryzen 7040. The major feature of Ryzen 8040 is that its performance has improved.

Just like the now-outdated Ryzen 7040 series, there are two types of Ryzen 8040 series with different letter numbers at the end of the model number, depending on the TDP, of course

Like Intel, if the suffix is U, the TDP is set at 15W, otherwise, it’s set at 30W.