Belkin USB Type-C Multiport charger with 67W output can charge MacBook Air

Belkin, 3-port USB Type-C charger

USB-C is all the rage right now and we all have so many USB-C devices. It makes sense to have a multiport USB-C charger and the best one in this business is Belkin. Belkin Corporation has released the Belkin 67W 3-port USB-C Charger, which can output up to 67W. The price is 44 USD.

Belkin USB Type-C charger comes equipped with 3x USB Type-C ports, and can output 25W + 20W + 20W when 3 ports are connected simultaneously, or 45W + 20W when 2 ports are connected. Infact, if you only connect single port, it can output of 67W which makes it fully capable of charging a Macbook Air M1/M2/M3.

Or as we mentioned earlier, Belkin USB Type-C is said to be suitable for charging a laptop, smartphone, tablet and smartwatch at the same time. We are not so sure about the Macbook Pro as it may require higher power output from a charger.

The Belkin USB Type-C’s main body size is approximately 72 x 40 x 29 mm, and the weight is approximately 120 grams.