Best backup system for photographers Windows edition

If you are a photographer and looking for best backup system for Windows computer, we will help you. As a photographer, you will be shopping around 4TB per year, so that is a lot of photos. So, what would be best way of action to have everything backup? 

Best backup system

First of all, all you need is storage, lots of it. We suggest having a couple SSDs to work off of, and then save all the unedited as-well-as finished photos onto the NAS. 

Synology offers best NAS setups – basically, set and forget. People often compare it to NAS but for Apple – simple and easy to use. All you need is something that runs on Intel or AMD – just do not get the one with ARM processor as that would not work. 

For instance, you can go for Synology DS224+ for two bay, DS423+ for 4 bay. This will give you basic functionality and allow you to use all their apps. 

For this, you can buy a barebones/diskless one and then buy whatever capacity disks you need. We would recommend WD Red Plus, WD Red Pro, Seagate Ironwolf, Seagate Exos and so on.  

We also suggest not to use exfat for storing data, as that it is prone to data loss.