Intel DC S3710 S3610 SSDs offer 6 GB per second speed for data center

Intel is the biggest producer of solid state drives and today it has announced newest members to its data center drives called S3710 and S3610. Both offer better write performance that is necessary in data center environments. Intel promises to bring both S3710 and S3610 at low cost of total ownership.

The Intel DC S3710 offers up to 25 percent increase in write performance when compared to its previous generation of data center SSDs. At the same time, it offers high endurance and strong data protection. The result is lower cost of ownership and higher write speeds.

Intel DC S3710 S3610 SSDs

Second is Intel DC S3610 SSD that is a mid range solid state drive. It offers twice as performance as entry level drives for data centers but retains the benefits of DC S3710 and similar high-end drives such as high endurance and data protection. It is also ideal for virtualization, e-commerce, analytical and operational databases, and cloud infrastructures.