Bitcoin ETF trading volume surpasses 3 billion dollars in single day

Bitcoin crosses 57000 dollars today with Bitcoin ETF trading volume surpassing whopping three billion dollars in a single day. It is crazy to see millennial getting outperformed by their grandma who’s up 30% this year on her Charles Schwab account.

bitcoin etf

As these are new products with not many people likely wanting to sell this volume will be driven by buyers buying. There will be strong spot buying occurring tomorrow and in to this week. Bitcoin will be at all-time-high within weeks with these kind go flows.

I wonder if people at Vanguard would reconsider their decision to restrict their clients’ access to Bitcoin ETFs. They are obviously missing out on a lot of gains.

It is quite fascinating to witness the significant trading volumes in the Bitcoin ETF market today. Its a testament to the increasing mainstream interest and investment in the world of cryptocurrency. Truly a sign of the evolving financial landscape we find ourselves in.

Some investors like Bitwise, Invesco, WisdomTree, and VanEck have relatively low trading volume. This shows that these investors are still cautious about Bitcoin.

This trading volume is mainly on paper, so just wait T+1 for the Bitcoin spot demand to accelerate in the next day or two. God candle incoming?