Buy Bitcoin without providing ID proof

There are many ways on how to buy Bitcoin without providing ID proof. Bitcoin is gaining a lot of popularity in USA, China, India and in other parts of world. More and more people have started to realize it as an excellent way to buy and sell goods and the main reason behind this fact is the reason there is no currency conversion required and it possible to buy bitcoin without providing ID proof.

Buy Bitcoin without providing ID proof

Buying Bitcoins without providing ID proof

Most of the websites require you to signup and provide ID proof but we will telling you how to buy bitcoin without providing ID proof. There are two or three ways that come into my mind.

First is by using a digital wallet like Paypal where you hide your home address. However, we suggest using OkPay, perfect money and PayGo. Avoid cash by mail at all costs. There is a massive chance that the seller deregisters himself after receiving cash from a lot of users. If you like in India, you can approach a seller who is accepting Paytm, Mobikwik and freecharge. By using mobile wallets, you will buy Bitcoin without providing ID proof easily.

Second way is use a site that lets you search sellers that let you buy bitcoins without asking you about your identity. One of the people I know uses They have this search engine that lets you buy and sell bitcoins easily. We are not affiliated to the site in any way.

Third and I think the most popular way to buy bitcoin without providing ID proof is by using gift card. Many sites like – again we are not affiliated to them – let you buy bitcoins by selling your gift card. So buy a gift card from an ecommerce site and sell it on paxful and turn its value into bitcoin. The money goes into your Paxful bitcoin wallet which you can transfer to main wallet in future.

Just a tip – avoid buying bitcoins via Paypal without putting a third party site in between unless you personally the other guy and can trust him that he will send you bitcoins after you send him the money. One of my friends met a person at who asked people to contact him offline for better rates. He did so and got himself ripped off. He sent him 100 dollars and never received the equivalent bitcoins from him.