Wearing headphones cause hearing damage to ears

Sound is mainly transmitted to the brain through ear hair cells. When there is sound around the human ear, it drives the surrounding air molecules to produce a series of vibrations. These vibrations are sound waves, which spread from the source of the sound.

headphone and ear damage

When the sound reaches the outer ear, the sound is transmitted to the outer auditory canal and reaches the tympanic membrane through the sound collection of the auricle.

We often say that people who wear earphones often will damage their hearing after improper use of earphones. Most of the reasons are that the ear hair cells have been damaged. Ear hair cells are the most important part of everyone’s ears.

Ear hair cells are very sensitive to loud sounds, and sound can easily damage ear hair cells or even cause ear hair cells to die.

Under normal circumstances, earphones enter our ears after passing through a period of air transmission.

In the process of transmission, the high frequency part has been absorbed by the air, so this will not cause too much damage to the ear hair cells.

But wearing headphones is different, especially in-ear headphones. The sound source is very close to the inner ear. The sound wave conduction range is small and concentrated. The sound pressure will be directly transmitted to the inner ear and concentrated on the tympanic membrane. There is no room for buffering.

As a result, nerve endings are stimulated and ear hair cells are damaged, which not only causes auditory fatigue, but also causes hearing loss.

Also pay attention when wearing headphones, the sound of the headphones should not be too loud, and the volume of the headphones should be controlled.

If you want to use headphones to listen to music at the maximum volume, then your ear hair cells are on the verge of death.

In addition, you need to pay attention to that too loud voices can also affect the brain. Friendly reminder: There is a risk of becoming mad!

Moreover, it should be noted that once hearing is damaged, it is really damaged. This damage is irreversible. Ear hair cells cannot grow after being injured. If there are more damaged ear hair cells, your hearing will be too. Decreased.

First, don’t wear the earphones for a long time. You need to take off the earphones after wearing them for an hour, so that your ears can rest a little bit, so as to relieve hearing fatigue.

Second, control the volume. Don’t open up the earphone business too loudly. If the sound is too loud, it will definitely damage your hearing.

Third, it is best to choose headphones. In-ear headphones will create a closed space in your ears, and the sound source is closer to the ear canal. The headphones sound source is far from the ear canal and has a certain transmission distance, which will reduce hearing damage a little.