Nvidia RTX 4090 Laptop benchmark – DLSS 3 Improvement Up to 144-percent

rtx 4090 benchmark

The Nvidia RTX 4090 dedicated graphics card was released in October last year. It only needs 2/3 of the power consumption to achieve a performance improvement of nearly 70-percent compared to the Nvidia RTX 3090. This is the first time that a 90-class GPU has entered the laptop field.

Whether it is a raster game, a light-chasing game, or a DLSS 3 game, it has the strongest performance in history, and even surpasses the previous generation of desktop Nvidia RTX 3090 by leaps and bounds. 

There is no doubt that Nvidia RTX 4090 laptop is the most powerful laptop graphics card ever, whether it is raster performance, game performance, or ray tracing and DLSS performance, it is far ahead of any previous laptop GPU. 

RTX 4090 laptop is based on the new Ada Lovelace GPU architecture, the core number is AD103, the core area is 378.6 square millimeters, and it integrates 45.9 billion transistors. That’s right, the desktop version of the RTX 4080 also uses this core.

In terms of RTX 4090 laptop specifications, it has 7 sets of GPCs, 9728 stream processors, 304 texture units, 304 4th generation Tensor Cores, 76 3rd generation optical pursuit units, 64MB L2 cache, 256Bit memory interface width and 16GB memory capacity. These are also indistinguishable from the RTX 4080 desktop version. 

The performance at 4K resolution is similar to that at 2K resolution. There is still a 1% gap between RTX 4090 Laptop and desktop version RTX 3080 Ti, which is 47% stronger than RTX 3080 Ti laptop.