Keyboard divided into two parts

Majestouch Xacro M10SP

FILCO brand has released an ergonomic keyboard that is divided into two parts. Called the Majestouch Xacro M10SP, you can practically separate the keyboard into two separate parts. It is pricy though – starting at $150.

The left and right split on Majestouch Xacro M10SP allows you to type in a natural form with your shoulders and arms spread out. The layout is similar to one that you find on a $10 Dell keyboard which is a good thing to ensure there is no learning curve.

This Majestouch Xacro M10SP is divided into left and right between 6/T/G/B and 7/Y/H/N and by two space keys, but there are 10 left and right in easily accessible places inside. It features 5 macro keys registered design where you can switch between the frequently used ESC and E/J, Caps Lock and Left Ctrl, and the position of the Fn/special key can be switched using a DIP switch. You can check the status and arrangement of DIP switches from the dedicated utility FILCO Assist.

Furthermore, by operating DIP switch 1/2, you can switch not only to QWERTY layout but also to Colemak layout, Dvorak layout, Colemak style Japanese layout, Workman style Japanese layout arranged by Diatech, and Mac style layout.