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Nokia Lumia 830 Photos Leaked, comes with Pure View camera

Microsoft which now owns Nokia is all set to release successor to the Lumia 820, the 830. It will be announced officially within few weeks from now but a few of its alleged photos have already surfaced online.

In fact it includes data that points to its different variants for US as well as for other parts of world.

The Nokia Lumia 830 was spotted on Brazil Anatel certification website.

The Brazil’s Anatel website is similar to what we have in the US. So far the phone looks very interesting chiefly because of two facts – it has a removable battery like low end Lumia phones and second, it has pure view camera optics.

The phone measures 139.4 mm x 70.7 mm x 8.5 mm and is thus very thin. On the top there is a micro USB charging port near to the headphone port.

The Lumia 830 model that we spotted is RM-985 which will change to Lumia 830 once it goes public. Other specifications include 4G LTE, dedicated camera button and capacitive hardware buttons for navigation.


16GB Apple iPod Touch Priced, Discounts on 32 and 64GB models


Apple is now more serious about its iPod Touch lineup. The company has launched a new 16GB iPod Touch that has built in iSight camera. The new 16GB Apple iPod Touch will now sell for 199 dollars.

The company has also decreased the prices of the 32GB and 64GB models so the prices are down to $249 and $299 respectively.

Other than that nothing has been changed hardware or software wise.

The 16GB iPod Touch used to be sold for $199 which is 30 dollars less than yester year’s model which lacked iSight camera.

Lenovo A3300, A3500 Launched with 7, 10 inch Displays

A couple of new Lenovo devices have appeared on Bluetooth SIG group, Lenovo A3300 and A3500, both of which are most likely to be launched in a month or two. The A3300 will become successor to last year’s model, the Lenovo A3000 and will most likely sport the same size display as latter.

Lenovo A3300 specs price

Lenovo A3300 specs

This tablet is equipped with a 7 inch display with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels, 4-core MediaTek CPU with clock frequency of 1.3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 2-megapixel main camera, front camera dedicated for video calls (0.3 megapixels), built-in 3G that allows making calls and micro USB port. Above all, it runs Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system.

Lenovo A3500 specs price

Lenovo A3500 specs

The A3500 looks like last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet and packs 10.1 inch display, 1280×800 pixel resolution, 5 megapixel camera, Mediatek processor, 1GB RAM, webcam, and Android 4.2 operating system.

Vido W10 Review

While China has flooded the tablet market with cheap Android tablets, the manufactures there are yet to properly utilize the Windows tablet market. This is chiefly due to the licensing fees for Windows, whereas the Android is totally free. Meet Vido W10 tablet, a tablet that runs Windows 8.1 operating system on a 10 inch display and powered by Bay Trail Intel Atom processor. Read Vido W10 review to find out more about it.

Vido W10 Review

Vido W10 Specs

System: Windows 8.1
Screen: 10.1-inch 1280 × 800 resolution IPS screen, supports 10-point input
CPU: Intel Atom Z3770 quad-core processor, Bay Trail core, highest frequency of 2.4GHz
GPU: Intel HD Graphics
Memory: 2GB DDR3 (dual channel)
HDD: 32GB/64GB eMMC SSD; supports micro SD card expansion
Interfaces: USB3.0 × 1, USB2.0 × 1, HDMI × 1, 3.5 mm earphone jack × 1, Micro USB × 1
Camera: Front and Rear 2 megapixels.

Vido W10 specs

The Vido W10 tablet is very thin, especially if you compare to the other Windows 8 tablets out there. And unlike some of the ultra thin tablets, the W10 does not compromise on the interface department. As mentioned in the specs above, it has HDMI, USB 2.0, 3.0, and micro USB ports.

Vido w10 performance

The screen resolution of Vido W10 is not earth shattering, but given the small screen size (10.1 inch), the 1280×800 pixels look sharp. Color reproduction is decent – definitely better than the netbooks.

Now, let us talk about its performance. The new Bay trail is optimized for Windows 8, and it runs mighty fast. The performance of the Intel Atom Z3770 quad core processor when coupled with speedy eMMC SSD is, in fact at par with the Core Duo E5500 desktop processor in real world. You can run 1080p videos with no problem on it. CPU utilization is close to 45 percent when playing a full HD video.

Vido W10 emmc ssd review

In the 32 GB version, you get only 13 – 15 gigabytes of free space. So, if you are planning to store a lot of data on your Vido W10, consider getting the 64 GB model. You can also use the micro SD card to expand storage.

While we always prefer real world performance and not benchmarks, some of us like to see benchmark numbers before shelling out money. In the Cinebench R11.5 benchmark test, the W10 got 5.92 in OpenGL and 1.18 points in CPU test. You can find more benchmark numbers at cpudistro. Here are the numbers from crystal disk mark test.

Cinebench z3770

Battery life of Vido W10 should be pretty amazing with 8000 mAh battery, right? Well, it depends on how you use it. If you set the screen brightness to 50 percent and do only web browsing, you will be able to get 5-6 hours of battery life.

While this does not sounds like a lot compared to the Android tablets with similar capacity batteries, you should keep in mind that with W10, you will be more productive on the move as it can run Office 2013, Photoshop and any x86 / x64 app out there just fine – like a regular laptop.

Credit: Imp3 (Chinese)

HTC TOUCH 3G review – excellent value for money [Windows Mobile]

The HTC has been working diligently on it’s Touch range and has been unveiling some of the very high quality Windows Mobile devices from quite some time. The HTC Touch 3G is a powerful elder brother to the original HTC TOUCH. The HTC TOUCH 3G combines speed and style in an affordable package. Read the full review to find out!


The HTC TOUCH 3G continues to carry the mesmerizing looks of the original HTC TOUCH. It follows the minimalistic approach that is followed in the Touch series. The TOUCH 3G has the same pebble shape which was earlier sported by the original HTC TOUCH.

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