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Use HTC 10 Camera, Gallery, Zoe on One A9

Download HTC 10 Camera, Gallery, Zoe on One A9

Did you know that it was possible to use the HTC One camera application on the HTC One A9? We have been able to extract the files the package includes HTC 10 Camera, Gallery, Zoe. Just keep in mind that the stock camera is by far better, but this can be a interesting thing to try out if you are running an AOSP or CM based Custom ROM. This hack is working on almost all android phones as well.

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Latest HTC One A9 OTA download links for v 1.57.617.41

This OTA for HTC One A9 was pushed for the unlocked edition and version of this OTA is 1.57.617.41. This is for the US unlocked edition and if you wish to install this update on your HTC android phone, you will have to S-OFF your device, change CID and MID using fastboot command from download mode. Here are the commands:

Latest HTC One A9 OTA

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Download HTC One A9 Rooted ROM: HTC One A9 TWRP custom recovery

If you are an HTC One A9 owner and looking for a pre rooted ROM, there are not a lot of choices. The reason being the fact that not a lot of developers have the HTC One A9 but there is one now. But before you flash the HTC One A9 rooted ROM, you must have TWRP custom recovery, S-off, unlocked and have super CID it. Yes, these are the crazy list of requirements and the flash would only be successful if you have done all these to your Htc android device – or else it would fail.

Download HTC One A9 Rooted ROM

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Android 4.4.2 HTC Butterfly ROM with Sense 6, x920d

HTC may not release a Android 4.4.2 ROM for HTC Buttery but XDA already has released this KitKat firmware

The ROM has variant of HTC Sense that comes on the One M8.

Requirements for flashing the ROM

* Unlocked Phone from HTCDEV or S-OFF
* Custom Recovery like TWRP or CWM and we prefer TWRP.

Features of the ROM

Latest HTC NEW ONE (M8) Sense 6 base ported to x920d
More languages enabled (FULL WWE)
Root, busybox and init.d support
Persistent ADB enabled
Ramdisk improvements
Battery life, performance and memory improvements
sysro / sysrw binaries
openvpn / sqlite support
disabled logging & removed bloatware
stripped debugging info for improved performance
optimized with latest sdk for improved performance
trimmed partitions for improved performance
zipaligned apps for improved performance
flar2’s Write Protection MOD to allow S-ON users fully writeable /system partition
advanced power menu
disabled Persistent Navigation Bar (m8 has it since it has no softbuttons)
5×6 Grid size option in Sense App Drawer
Sense Launcher Menu Support
Possibility to ODEX your ROM
Ability to map LongPress Home SoftButton for MENU in Settings – Display
optional show LTE icon instead of 4G
optional Disable Persistent NFC Icon
optional Lower Proximity Sensor Sensibility
optional Louder Speaker Mod

Android 4.4.2 HTC Butterfly ROM
optional Stock Boot Animation
optional Exchange Email Hack (disable EAS Pin Requirement)
optional Disable HTC Color Enhancement
optional Show LTE instead of 4G
optional Disable Fast Dormancy
Smoothest ROM
Best Battery Management
Fast fixes / updates
myHUB with OTA support
InsertCoin Kontrol APP with unique features

Download from here and flash it using ODIN.

HTC Butterfly TWRP Download

If you own an HTC Butterfly we have good news for you as TWRP for it has been made available thanks to developers at XDA. Before you proceed the one that is mentioned below works only on the x920D.

Here is how to download and flash the HTC Butterfly TWRP

– Grab the recovery image from here.
– Setup Fastboot tools and drivers.
– Reboot phone to Bootloader mode(pressing Volume down while powering it on and pressing on Bootloader option)
– Run command prompt on your fastboot directory by Holding Shift(keyboard) and pressing right click on your mouse..choose open command window here..
– Issue commands:

fastboot erase cache

– Then after finishing the previous command..

fastboot flash recovery image.image

HTC Buttery TWRP Download

Here image.image is the filename of the recovery image you have downloaded.

HTC One Max Ultra Lite ROM Download

If you are looking for an ultra tweaked out ROM for HTC One Max, xda developers has got you covered. It is said to be clean, smooth and stable that is it is totally bloat free.

Features of it.

HTC One Max Ultra Lite ROM Download

Built off VZW Shipped ROM 1.11.605.4
All apps up to date
Super De-bloated – Most everything is gone.
Blink Feed Remains but in its purest form; no social networking integration. See post #2 for zip to add back in!
ROM only has the English Keyboard. See post #2 for the rest of the keyboards!
Performance and battery enhancements
init.d support
Ringtones from Note 3 and Nexus 5
Typical CleanROM speed and stability!

You can download it from here. It comes without social networking integration that normally comes preloaded on the stock ROM. However, you can easily install it by installing this.

Verizon HTC One Max Stock Rooted Odex Deodex ROM

Stock, Odex / Deodexed, pre rooted ROM for the Verizon variant of HTC One Max. This firmware is same as the one you get with your One Max, but is rooted. Of course, you get the usual root utilities like busybox, super user app (super SU), and unsecure boot.img.

Verizon HTC One Max Stock Rooted Odex Deodex ROM

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