HTC MAX/ HTC Quartz/ HTC T8290 review

Well, this is from a Malaysian who bought this from Russia. Here is the sad part, he does not know Russian and since he is in Malaysia, he cannot test WiMax.

Here are few quotes from his review,

The specs of the device is pretty much a beefed up htc Diamond. Bigger screen (3.8″), widescreen resolution (640×800), lots of memory (8GB+microSD expansion). Of course, it comes with WiMAX apart from the WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and GSM/EDGE connectivity.

The htc Max lives up to it’s name. It’s big, heavy and thick.

You can call anyone within Yota network using WiMAX instead of GSM.

I couldn’t enjoy the full benefit of using Yota’s services, nor could I enjoy the phone due to my poor Russian (hahaha…). The phone is a little large for most people’s preference, but the big screen certainly is better than the tiny Diamond. But this device certainly sets a benchmark for all WiMAX devices to come.

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