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Top 10 reasons you should NOT get a SONY VAIO P

Over-Priced: We fully understand the fact that it is SONY. But, paying so much for a device that performs so poorly does not make any sense
Super high resolution: What is the point of giving the user super high resolution in an 8-inch screen? Is SONY under some contract of putting so outrageous resolutions in small screens? Looks like they learned nothing from their UX series which squeezed 1024×600 pixels in an 4.3-inch display
HDD not easily upgradable: Although we do not upgrade the HDD everyday, but it should be easily swappable in case something goes wrong with the HDD or if the user wishes to use SSD

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Samsung N120 not as wide as expected – full specifications revealed

When we first heard about the Samsung N120’s claim that it features not 90% laptop size keyboard, but 100% laptop size keyboard, our initial thoughts were that the N120 is going to be a really wide netbook. But as per Samsung N120 official webpage, the dimensions are 10.27″(w) x 1.19″ x 7.3″ . To give you a better idea of the width, here are the dimensions of the ASUS EEE 1000H: 10.47″(w) x 7.53″ x 1.50.

This means that the N120 is infact smaller width-wise. Now, how did they manage to put in a full laptop keyboard in there? Or is it may be just a new marketing idea by Samsung.

[Samsung N120 official webpage]

Resco Keyboard updated [Windows Mobile]

Resco has updated their software, Resco Keyboard to version 5.20. Here are the list of features that are new in this release:

  • Widescreen support (Support for widescreen devices)
  • Keyboard tactile feedback for supported devices
  • More language layouts added

Resco Keyboard Pro 7-days trial can be found here

Here is the actual press release:

Resco, a supplier of Windows phone applications, releases a new version of Resco Keyboard Pro, a highly popular application removing all the limits of standard built-in keyboard.

Since version 5.0, Resco Keyboard Pro is literally a handy multi-skin and according to statistics the most popular keyboard application for Windows Mobile devices. It supports more than 20 language layouts with option to use 2 languages simultaneously.

The Touch technology made enormous break-through into mobility. The touch supported mobile device control is natural, comfortable, and trendy. Besides, it makes the overall device control much easier. Resco Keyboard Pro design was based on these facts. Therefore, Resco tends to utilize the strengths of touch technology as much as possible and this software is no exception.

ASUS EEE keyboard specs unveiled

Alright, we somehow missed this news. From the outside, it may look like just another keyboard, but it packs in much more than just a keyboard. They were able to squeeze in an Atom N270 processor, 5-inch 800×480 pixel screen, 16GB SSD, 1GB RAM, WiFi and Bluetooth and even USB 2.0 ports. I’m still wondering how the ASUS was able to put in so much under a keyboard. But how would your desktop look with the wires coming out from the keyboard? Odd.

Asus Eee keboard

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Presenting SONY’s new baby: VAIO P-series – comments on keyboard, screen and more

SONY said something big was coming on Jan 7, 2009 and they were right. Actually, it is not big but quite small and thin. The new SONY VAIO P-series is less than an inch thin and weighs just 0.63kg (1.4pounds). This means that it weighs same as the little Fujitsu U2010, but it has a bigger frame. It comes with a new, but slower Atom Z530 processor running at 1.33-GHz and it runs Windows Vista. It also comes with 2GB of RAM.

Presenting SONY's new baby: VAIO P-series - comments on keyboard, screen and more

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Future EEE PCs will have a better keyboard layout

ASUS is planning to do a lot of hardware changes to their EEE PC line. One of those changes is little, but a quite important one. It is about changing the placement of the right shift key and making it bigger, thus making the overall typing experience more pleasant.

Future EEE PCs will have a better keyboard layout

The right shift is now placed at more comfortable and natural position. I touch-type at a fairly high speed and fortunately unfortunately, I am quite used to the right shift key. Although, I’ve been able to adapt my fingers to the little right shift key of the EEE PCs so far, but it does bugs me sometimes, when I have to some programming where it involves the use of characters like “< > { }.” According to some reports, the ASUS has already implemented the above mentioned keyboard in the EEE 1002HA and S101H.

TIP: If you are guy really that uses the right shift key a lot, then I recommend you to swap the keys. Read this article to easily swap the functions of the keys without doing any dangerous registry edits.

Review – SPB Keyboard 4.0


The SPB Keyboard is not a new application. Its first version was released in the year 2002. Things have changed multifolds since then. iPhone was released last year and almost all cell phone manufactures as-well-as software houses started focusing on making the user-interface more and more finger-friendly.

The SPB Keyboard promises to change the way one inputs text on their devices. Here is what is hot in this software:

  • full screen keyboard
  • skin support
  • gesture support
  • ability to edit and expand user dictionary (which contains words previously entered by user)


The installation can be done by either the EXE (meant to be run on the desktop) or via a CAB file (meant to run on the device itself). The installation went fine with no problems

Product highlights

Let us first take a look at the default keyboard provided in the windows mobile for text entry. It certainly does not look nice for entering text by your thumbs or fingers. Is it? It is more made for stylus data entry.

SPB has understood the current market demand of thumb/finger input without taking the stylus out and this is what makes the SPB Keyboard 4 shines. As you can see in the following screenshot, the keys now looks much more finger-friendly.

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