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CalypsoCase MacBook 12 Review

CalypsoCase is a very stylish and sophisticated case for the new Macbook 12. Priced at 270 dollars, the CalypsoCase Macbook case is made form premium Italian leather. Inside there are soft special micro fabrics that protect your expensive Apple laptop from getting scratched.

CalypsoCase MacBook 12 Review

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ASUS EEE 1002H released!

After releasing EEE 1000HE, which was an incremental upgrade for the EEE 1000H (better keyboard, more battery juice), ASUS has silently rolled out EEE 1002H, which is basically an upgrade version of the EEE 1002HA, which we reviewed a week back.

So, what has changed? Since I have EEE 1002HA with me, the differences were easy to notice:

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Apple Macbook Air clone – Teso

Teso is not the company many people are familiar with, but it has come up with a decent looking netbook, which looks a lot like the Apple’s Macbook Air. Sporting a 12.1-inch display, it should be smaller than the Macbook Air and not to mention much cheaper due to its netbook-ish specs:

  • Atom N270 CPU
  • 250GB HDD
  • WiFi
  • 1.4kg
  • RJ45 port
  • 2 USB 2.0 ports

So, the Macbook Air’s Intel Atom based clone is here. Although the specifications are quite normal for a nebtook (other than the 250GB HDD), it is really slim. It is nice to see the manufactures producing slim devices as they are much easier to carry around provided they do not give shabby battery life.

Although the keyboard is not all like the one found on Macbook Air. But hey, we are talking about netbooks here.

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ASUS to showcase the EEE SHELL 1008HA and S121 at CeBIT 2009

Remember the ultra-thin EEE SHELL that we mentioned a couple of days back? Well, ASUS is planning to unveil the SHELL AKA 1008HA at the CeBIT 2009. The SHELL 1008HA is rumored to be slimmer than the current flagship EEE, S101 and will offer more battery life than the EEE S101.

Along with 1008HA, the company will also showcase the recently released S101H, Eee PC T91, Eee PC S121, UX and U-series ultra-thin notebooks and Eee Keyboard. More exciting news coming, the S101’s successor , S121 is also going to be launched, which will have a whopping 512GB SSD drive. Yes, that is not a typo. It will be the first netbook to feature such spacious SSD drive.  However, it is cost you at mind-boggling $1649. For those who want to be remain on the cheap side, they can opt for the 120GB HDD version, which will retail for $899.

At $1649 and with 512GB SSD, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the ASUS S121 is directly going to rival the  Macbook Air, which retails more or less, at the same price. However, will it still be called an EEE? That is miles behind of being called as a cheap netbook.

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MSI X-Slim 320 – MSI’s answer to Apple Macbook Air

MSI is all set to introduce a 13.4-inch notebook, which runs Intel Atom processor. The display has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and weighs a modest 1.3kg. It is incredibly thin too having a depth of just 1.98cm. X-Slim 320 originally comes with a 4-cell battery inside it’s box, but there is also a 8-cell battery which can give you nearly 10 hours of battery life.

MSI X-Slim 320 - MSI's answer to Apple Macbook Air

It also comes with 3 USB ports,  RJ-45 port and card reader. With the rumored price of around $999, this clearly makes it more “bang for a buck” than the Apple’s Macbook Air, which also looks very similar to X-Slim 320 by MSI.

Coming back to the use of Intel Atom processor in MSI X-Slim 320, does this make it a netbook? I guess we will soon have to change the main definition of netbook to one of the following soon:

Any device bigger than 7″ that runs a full Desktop OS and is capable of accessing the Internet


Any device that runs Intel Atom processor

I admit the last definition is pretty vague considering the fact that the HP also has plans to use Atom processor in one of their upcoming Notebooks. Netbooks were origianally meant to act like those cheap mini-laptops that offered full desktop OS and could quickly connect us to the Internet. But now, as the Atom is now being used in bigger devices, should them also be considered as netbook?

What are you thoughts?

ASUS going to launch S101H

According to the reports of Fudzilla, ASUS is preparing the launch of it’s new another variant EEE PC, the S101H. There are not much details on this new model, but since it is using the suffix “H”, we surmise that it will have a Hard Disk instead of the SSD, which comes with the S101.

The S101 is the lightest 10.2″ netbook. It sports an ultra-thin design, a la Macbook-Air style. So far, Solid-state drive on the S101 has been of shabby capacity so far (16GB on the Windows XP version). The use of hard disk in S101H will attract more buyers who need more space to store the data and stuff.

Also, it will also help ASUS to lower the price a bit by using hard disk, which are cheaper than the SSDs. We will keep you updated with this new model from ASUS

Macbook Air cases by SENA

Apple Macbook Air is thin and fashionable. SENA has come up with nice slim designs that promise to keep the design slim and slick. At the same time, it keeps your device safe too! It comes with nice two-color tone design, which looks elegant and is made from Italian Napa Leather. What’s more? It comes with “Shock Absorbent Padding”

Alright, it costs $240.00 but it is SENA!

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