GPU Folding might cure CoronaVirus COVID-19

gpu folding nvidia coronavirus

While we are obliged to remain in our homes as long as possible due to the state of alert decreed by the government because of COVID-19, scientists are of course looking for a cure against Coronavirus.

And here is something we can do, and that is to “lend” the computing power of our NVIDIA graphics cards to further advance the cure through NVIDIA‘s Folding @ Home project.

Folding @ Home is an initiative that has been around for many, many years, and which consists of lending the computing power of our graphics cards (any small support adds up) to analyze proteins related to various diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Now the project has added the Coronavirus and in fact has given it the highest priority in the project to try to get a solution as soon as possible.

As we were saying, the Folding @ Home project uses the unused power of our NVIDIA graphics cards to sum and analyze related proteins, in this case, with COVID-19 to help researchers find a cure.

NVIDIA has called on all users to participate. In fact, they have even appealed to other brands such as SteeelSeries, Razer or NZXT, but also to their “enemies”, AMD and Intel.

And this appeal is not to look good, since in the Folding @ Home project they already have several oriented to the fight against the Coronavirus, but they have already announced that they are close to being able to help also using AMD or Intel processors.

Anyone can help with this project, although obviously users with gaming PCs and more specifically NVIDIA graphics have the most to contribute, since the system that takes the graphics power out of the GPU to perform the necessary calculations to analyze the Protein benefits more from CUDA cores than NVIDIA graphics.

In any case, below we will indicate how you can collaborate yourself from your home:

The first thing you should do is access the project website and download the software. Once you install it, it will tell you if you want to start as anonymous or sign up. This depends on you and how and how much you want to collaborate.

If you want you can choose a name and select the team Apothetech with number 303748 although it is not important, the important thing you should know is that right now, in the drop-down where you select which disease you want to collaborate with, check « Any disease ”, because Coronavirus does not yet have a specific one.

This software is managed via the web, and will allow us to select how intensively we want it to work under the POWER section, as well as whether we want it to work always or only when we are not using the PC in the WHEN section.

Note: even if you close the browser, the program will continue to run in the background, and if you want to disable it you will have to uninstall it.

So, you know that. If you want to collaborate in the Coronavirus cure, now you can do it with your home PC easily.