S121 News and Updates

ASUS S121 now official

ASUS has made the bigger brother of sleek and stylish EEE S101 now official. Oddly enough, it is not carrying the EEE brand. May be it is due to the heavy price tag that it will carry.

Here are its specs:

  • 12.1-inch display
  • 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Intel Atom Z520 1.33GHz processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 250GB HDD
  • 1.3MP webcam
  • 3 USB ports
  • 1.45kg
  • 4-cell battery li-poly (3600mAh)

Intel Atom Z520 processor for such a premium laptop/netbook? Why ASUS, why?

Also, for the first time, ASUS is giving the user the option to opt for the Windows Vista (basic version). Do not get scared, XP version is still available.

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Asus Eee PC 1008HA shows up at FCC

The US release date of the EEE 1008HA is now even more closer. How can we say that? The ultra thin 10-inch netbook from ASUS has been passed by FCC. So, it will be released in the US market any day now. Although I am a huge fan of thin netbooks/notebooks, I hate the fact that there is NO user replaceable battery in the 1008HA. It just does not make sense to send the netbook back to ASUS just to get the battery replaced.


ASUS to showcase the EEE SHELL 1008HA and S121 at CeBIT 2009

Remember the ultra-thin EEE SHELL that we mentioned a couple of days back? Well, ASUS is planning to unveil the SHELL AKA 1008HA at the CeBIT 2009. The SHELL 1008HA is rumored to be slimmer than the current flagship EEE, S101 and will offer more battery life than the EEE S101.

Along with 1008HA, the company will also showcase the recently released S101H, Eee PC T91, Eee PC S121, UX and U-series ultra-thin notebooks and Eee Keyboard. More exciting news coming, the S101’s successor , S121 is also going to be launched, which will have a whopping 512GB SSD drive. Yes, that is not a typo. It will be the first netbook to feature such spacious SSD drive.  However, it is cost you at mind-boggling $1649. For those who want to be remain on the cheap side, they can opt for the 120GB HDD version, which will retail for $899.

At $1649 and with 512GB SSD, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the ASUS S121 is directly going to rival the  Macbook Air, which retails more or less, at the same price. However, will it still be called an EEE? That is miles behind of being called as a cheap netbook.

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ASUS unveils EEE PC T91, T101H and S121

At CES 2009, Asus has announced their three new devices EEE PC T91, EEE T101H and EEE S121 Netbook. The EEE PC T91 is the first official EEE which has a 8.9-inch swivel touch screen. It will come with Windows XP Home edition. It comes with an optional TV-tuner or GPS. EEE PC T101H looks similar to the T91, but sports a bigger 10-inch screen and sports a better keyboard where there is more space between the keys. The EEE PC S121 looks a lot like Asus S101 Netbook, but with new powerful specifications, especially the use of 512GB SSD:

  • Intel Atom Z520 processor
  • 512GB SSD
  • 12.2-inch slim chassis
  • whooping 8-hours of battery time
  • dimensions: 11.7×8.3×0.9

I’m really excited about the one with the 512GB SSD. I am still wondering though how ASUS will be able to keep the price of the S121 low since a 512GB SSD won’t come cheap for sure.