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Best Laptop SSD in 2017 with 512GB 1TB capacity : Top 2.5” SSD brands for laptops – best 2.5 inch laptop SSD drives in 2017

Best 2.5” SSD for laptop with 512GB 1TB in 2017: top 10 2.5” laptop solid state drives of 2017

The best 2.5” SSD for laptop with 512GB and 1TB capacity are here. SSD a k a solid state drives have got very popular in 2017 chiefly due to the fact that they make the laptop faster almost instantly. Over the past few years, the prices of SSD for laptop with 512GB have come down considerably and you can find one below 200. Here are some important things to look in the best SSD for laptop with 512GB or 1TB capacity.

SSD for laptop with 512GB 1TB 2017

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Samsung Galaxy note 7 unboxing (black onyx)

Samsung Galaxy note 7 unboxing

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is there in our office and here is an unboxing of the flagship android phone. This phone packs some really amazing specifications and the day is not far when android phones will pack more power than our laptops and may be even desktops.

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Samsung On5 Pro vs On5 2015 model: On7 Pro vs On7 2015

Last year, back in October 2015, Samsung released Galaxy On5 and this year, they have released an updated version on it. Called the Samsung On5 Pro, this is more like an improvement of it and we would not call it a completely new phone. Same goes for Galaxy On7 whose newer, upgraded variant On7 Pro has been launched. Now which one should you get and are the new Pro models worth spending extra money?

on5 pro vs on5 2015

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Samsung SM-W700 specs: 12 inch tablet with Skylake and windows 10

Samsung is working on a tablet that runs windows 10 and packs 12 inch display. Spotted as Samsung SM-W700, this tablet was last seen on Wi-Fi alliance and Bluetooth SIG websites. It was also spotted on Zauba’s website which said the retail price of this tablet will be around 455 dollars so this will be a medium range tablet like iPad Air.

Samsung SM-W700

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